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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Lynn  was going to be celebrating their seventh "when we met" anniversary and wanted something special for his wife, Holly. Lynn  has kindly given his permission for their poem and story to be published)


That Wondrous, Magical Day


What is your name : Lynn Batdorf

Who do you want the poem written for: My wife, Holly

Why do you want the poem written: On July 21, 2004 we will celebrate our 7th "when we first met" anniversary - the poem is for this wonderful event. While we have been married nearly six years (we also celebrate our wedding anniversaries with great excitement), I especially value our "when we first met" anniversary, otherwise none of the subsequent wonderful life-altering events could have happened.

What are the key messages you would like to send: Both of us had been married once before.
Both of us initiated the divorce with our previous spouse.
Both of us were awarded sole custody of our children (we each have a boy and girl). When we met we were 43, had been married then divorced with children. We knew the game and we knew ourselves, we just (at that time) didn't know each other.

It began when she put an ISO ad in a local magazine, the Washingtonian, which I answered. She replied with a note, photos and her telephone number. I called her, we talked and agreed to met at Brookside Gardens (on Monday, July 21, 1997 at 10am) - there we walked and talked and eventually sat in a Japanese Tea House by a pond.
We started to date.
Exactly one year later, on July 21,1998 I took her back to Brookside Gardens. We sat in "our spot" in the Tea House, exactly where we that sat one year prior. I asked her to marry me - she agreed.
We were married that Fall on October 24, 1998 - in the same Tea House.

This year we both turn 50.
After our first meeting seven years ago, we are even more deeply and completely in love. We have not yet had our first argument.
We can finish each other sentences, often before the other starts it.
Our children are beginning to leave the nest and we are beginning to look forward to out September years together.
Our life together is full of life and love - with each other, we lack nothing.

Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: My wife, Holly, is a orchestral violinist, having playing in all the great halls in major cities throughout the world. I am a horticulturist, having written 3 books and 60+ articles as well as lectured world wide - I'm the international authority on boxwood.
We're both professionals at the top of our respective game.

Yet we have time for each other and our family, which gives us great joy and pleasure. We value our time alone with each other, or with one or more of our children. Just being together with each under any condition or situation gives us great pleasure. We are both "home-bodies" who are enjoying our "nest" to its fullest.

It's impossible that we even met - our lives were so full, our worlds so dichotomous. A bit like the two ships passing in the middle of the night story. We still marvel that our chance meeting did occur. While are lives are full and complete, our meeting (July 21, 1997) is easily the single most wonderful moment in our lives.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): happy and romantic

Please choose which package you would prefer: Unique


That Wondrous, Magical Day


I especially value this anniversary,

it’s a celebration of “when we first met”

and every day together seems to just get better,

and as the saying goes: "We ain’t seen anything yet”.


The reason that this day is so special,

and why I’ll always hold this date dear to my heart,

well, without it, none of the following would’ve happened,

I’d better explain that – now where shall I start?


Maybe I’ll begin by looking upwards,

and thanking my lucky stars above,

because I know I'm lucky to have shared you,

I know that I’ve been blessed with your love.


Both of us had been married before,

so we know that life wasn’t always a rose filled dream,

but ever since that wondrous, magical day,

we’ve proved to the world we truly are a team.


When we met we were forty-three,

we knew ourselves and we knew the game,

just at that time, we didn’t know each other,

and ever since, life has never been the same.


It began with an ad in the Washingtonian,

and was sealed in the house with no Japanese tea,

and I just wanted to say thank you,

truly, you’ve made my world a better place to be.


Let us not put it all behind us,

because we need to be proud of our past,

and four out of eighteen responses is pretty good odds,

I’m just so glad that I was the lucky last.


This year our forties will be over,

and my love for you continues to grow,

and we haven’t yet had our first argument,

but I’ll argue there’s something you need to know.


I am who I am because of you,

and you put all boxwood in the shade,

and deciding to share my life with you,

well, that was the best decision I ever made.


There’s some beautiful music played on an old fiddle,

so I’m looking to our September years with haste,

because I know we’ll enjoy our empty nest,

and knowing us, we won’t put a single minute to waste.


I know we finish each other’s sentences,

and I also know that on earth, I’ve found my heaven,

so I’ll leave you to name that magical wondrous day,

it was July 21st, Nineteen Ninety ______.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004

Lynn kindly replied:


Dear Allen,
The second draft is wonderful! Thanks for the changes.
For the Handmade Card, I would like you to use verse #6, the paragraph that starts with "It began with an ad in the Washingtonian..."


Please use gold for the card.
The personal message with the card should read:
For Love, All my love! Love.
(the middle "love" should be lower case)
For the paper, please use: Wildflowers.
Yes, I'd love to have you include the original drafts and comments with the finished package!!
Please let me know if I'm forgetting anything, or if you need any more information.
This entire experience (working with you) has been an extremely exciting and pleasurable event for me. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful and unique service.
Al the very best,



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