I have been dragged screaming and kicking towards middle age. Deep down I still believe I am twenty three, slim and athletic. Unfortunately, the mirror and the scales far too often bring me back to earth with a resounding thud !

I "forgot" about poetry for twenty odd years after leaving school and this poem was the catalyst for my return to words and eventually this site. I started a new job in western Sydney in early 1995 and spent most of my lunch times walking around the suburbs on my own. I find walking is not only great exercise but a great time for thinking and this poem started (like most of them) with a single thought and went on from there.
It takes a humorous look at approaching middle age and the everyday worries that some people may face.

What If ?

What if my hair falls out,
And I end up bald as a coot ?
What if I don't make budget,
And he hires a smarter suit ?
What if I get so fat,
I can no longer touch my toes ?
What if my wife left me,
For a younger man she chose ?
What if my boy is gay,
And likes the look of a bum ?
What if my girl is also that way,
And never becomes a Mum ?
What if I saw my doctor ?
And he said "You've got the big C",
And what if I was run over,
Walking out of his surgery ?
What if they pressed the button,
On every mortal soul,
What if there was hell on earth,
When man played his final role ?
What if there is no heaven,
And it's all been a big bluff ?
What if there is a heaven
And I wasn't good enough ?
What if it's all been for nothing,
But to procreate ?
Well, I've had such a lovely time,
I'll just put my trust in fate...

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