Weddings are obviously special moments in everyone's life. In my opinion, weddings are just not complete without the right words. Why waste your time with words that have been said at many weddings before yours? Wedding poems are a special way of saying something important to the people in your life who matter the most. If there was ever a day when exactly the right words need to be spoken, it is on your wedding day. Poetry can be used as the romantic medium to express your true feelings and a wedding poem is a unique way of saying "I love you" or "thank you". A few heartfelt verses can be very powerful.

Especially to your parents, future husband or wife. Especially at your wedding. 


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A wedding poem, written from the heart, will make your service or reception a truly moving experience. Poems can be written for invitations, wedding vows, speeches and toasts. 

Dream Of A Day - An inspirational wedding poem from a daughter to her Mom on her wedding day.

 "Thank you so much for the poem.  I won't need you to make any changes.  
It's perfect!  I think my mom will be very happy with it.
    I would like the background of the boy and girl kissing.  I have no problem with you publishing and putting the poem on your website.  There's no need to change the names.  I would also appreciate it if you would autograph it.  Yes, I would like the original.  

Again, thank you so much.  You have helped me with a perfect gift of love for my mother on my wedding day, and for that I am very grateful."
                                                         Sandy Davison

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Proverbs - Inspired Wedding Vows

"What can I say? Absolutely brilliant."

I Got You Babe - From the bride to her husband on their wedding day

INCREDIBLE!! That's all I have to say! They are so wonderful! Thank you for the revisions to the one to Todd (my fiance) it came out great. The one to my parents, I cant express how much I love it - I wouldn't change a word! I think- no I know my mother (and aunts who will be there) will be crying! Perfect effect! I wanted to touch them and that is it! You took the poem I gave you from mom and turned it around so lovely. I think I am actually going to read Todd's at the rehearsal dinner also, just because its less people and a better effect. (mom will cry over that one too!) Thank you again so very much! You do wonderful work!

Heaven Sent - A love that traveled oceans.

"Perfect!!!  Thank you for the beautiful poem.  I have no changes since I feel it tells the story of our romance nicely.  I am very impressed with your service and have already been telling others about your website."

Love Conquers All - Against all odds.

"You can definitely publish the poem. I cried when I read it. This
describes our relationship perfectly and I can't wait to read it to my
fiancé at our wedding."

Wedding Day - A great idea for a bookmark for your guests.

"This is more than I had hoped for.  You did a FABULOUS job.  I am sitting here crying because your poem is what we needed to complete this wonderful idea."

  Evermore - Wedding vows and cups of tea.

"Thanks Allen, this is perfect! I will be recommending u to my friends."

Proud - Thank you Mum and Dad on our wedding day.

"Allen, Thank you so much, it is brilliant."

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How about an extra special thank you to Mum and Dad ?

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Soul Mate - Words from the heart to her new husband and children.

"Thank you very much these poems are just great. They mean a lot to me and I am sure that they will mean a lot to my future husband Jamie. Once again thank you, you have done a great job. I love the way that you used my own words to make the poem for my children."

Two Ships - Happy engagement Mother.

"Wow-you are really good at this! Thank you so much for the poem; I KNOW they're going to love it!"

Susan - What friends are for.

"The poem is beautiful, thank you so much....please go ahead and tell my story and post the need to change names"

Angels Answer - Wedding vows.

"Thank you very much for the wonderful poem, it is beautiful and I will read it at my wedding to Daniel. "

One Choice - When you have two fathers.

Thank you so much!!! I have no objections to you posting this poem on your web page. If you could just erase the last names. That is the only thing I will ask. I just want to thank you again. The poem you have written for me is perfect!!

Wedding Ring - After sixteen years of marriage.

"I know that it will bring a smile and a tear to my wonderful husband ! "

To Michael and Fairle - From Mum on their wedding day.

"Thank you for the poem it is just great."

The Bride and Groom - Speech for the maid of honour.

Simon and Ceri - Best man's speech.

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