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A Few Words From Margie - On her son's wedding day


Submitted: Wed Dec 17 21:28:39 EST 2003 from

Full Name:             Robert M. Oppenheimer                                       

Who do you want the poem written for?: My son and his fiancé    
Why do you want the poem written ?: Well, I have loved my wife Margie for 29 years. She truly was an angel. She cherished her first son as he became older and more forgiving of life.

I wanted to give my son and daughter in law something very special that belong to Margie since I and her have not been able to do much of the wedding plans.

Key­Messages:          This is hard for me but I wanted them to know that not only are we hurting, but they themselves have been through an emotional high and low. The kids' wedding was for December 20th. When we found out that my wife was not doing well in June 2003 we all agreed to push up the wedding at our house for July 12.  However she enter the hospital on June 30th where we all stayed her with 24 HRs till she passed away on July 4.

One can only imagine how the kids must have felt. My wife was first diagnosed in Aug 2002 with 4th stage colon cancer. This was a death sentence from the get go and they both knew it. The kids even went to a seminar in Washington for the weekend on Colon Cancer to see if anything new would help. This was a very difficult time.
Anyway my son Robbie and his fiancée Tammy are very special people. She is a schoolteacher for 5th grade and so was my wife a schoolteacher for 2 nd Grade. My son is a recruiter for Maxim Health Care.

Memorable Moments:     My son mention at her funeral, that Margie always made sure that my son Robbie had coffee in the pot ready to go when he work up in the morning regardless of how she felt.

I don't know, there is so much to talk about her. She never hurt anyone, she was the peacemaker always (in a family of six sisters she was second born) She was special in her way of dealing with people. She never did anything wrong. She always wanted to make other people feel good about them selves.  This was a tragic loss.

Other Comments:        No. I can not think at this time                            

Style:                 What you feel best.                                         

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A Few Words From Margie


Hello, Robbie and Tammy, (everybody),

I’ve got a few words to say

and of course, they’ll come from the soul,

after all, tomorrow is your wedding day.


Now, I’m sorry that I’m not there with you,

but I guess you can feel me all around

and I just wanted to you to know that I’m happy,

I’m basking in the happiness that you’ve found.


Robbie, I wanted you to know that I’m proud of you

and of course, I always loved you with all my heart

and there’s a few things I need to tell you both,

now, the only problem is knowing where to start.


You see, you’re both such special people,

you have the knowledge and that inner glow

and you’re both wise beyond your years,

you’ve learned lessons that most people never know.


And all I can say to the pair of you,

is love each other like everyday is your last,

because, believe me, time waits for no one

and the years go by so alarmingly fast.


The twenty nine years I spent with your father,

well honestly, I felt like I’d been blessed,

please look after him, he’s lovely

and for the record, he’s one of the best.


We had a dream to believe,

we loved, we laughed, we learned to share,

and I'm sorry our years were cut short,

that's the only thing that seems unfair.


We had three beautiful, wonderful children,

Robbie, Brian and Kimberly joined the throng,

and I know all three are missing me bad,

so all I can say is: "Come on children, move along"


I already know that one day you will be parents,

I just hope that you're as good as mine,

Mom and Dad gave me so much love in my life,

so they too should listen to the very next line:


 I know people thought I was an angel,

well I was, it’s just a matter of common sense

but if I do find one thing slightly irritating,

those people insist on using the past tense.


Because what they haven’t quite realized,

is that my spirit is alive and well, inside of you all

and I’m truly sorry that I had to leave so early,

when the time comes, every angel has to answer God’s call.


And I know put you through a roller coaster,

but it’s never easy leaving planet earth,

but I’m just so happy to have shared our time,

I truly know what a family’s love is really worth.


I also know Independence Day will never be the same,

because that was the day I finally got my wings,

but listen out for me in that church,

you’ll hear my voice when that choir sings.


I wanted you to have something that was precious to me,

so please wear it gladly and wear it with pride

and now I think I’m nearly done,

but there's one last verse for the groom and bride.


Live your life, love each other,

I no longer want you to grieve,

I want you to look to your future,

after all, you have your own dream to believe.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

"Of course when I first read it I started crying. A couple of thoughts.

 I forgot to mention that Margie's mother and Father will be at the rehearsal dinner, maybe you should include them some ware. You see,  Margie's Grandmother (her mothers mother) past away at the age of 51 of colon Cancer. I know her mother is devastated over the lost of Margie. 

I believe that all of us in the family consider Margie an Angel, maybe even higher then an Angel, just not me.

We also have 3 children Robbie, Brian (21) and Margie's precious daughter Kimberly (10). You ask about a special moment. Margie always wanted a daughter so we sent 2 years in finding Kimberly who was adopted from birth in Texas.  Beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, she misses her so bad.

(All included in second draft. Ed)

Allen I will be reading this at the rehearsal dinner just to let you know.