I have read some of your poems on your website and think you have a wonderful and beautiful way with words. I would like to request that you write a poem to my husband in honor of our 16th wedding anniversary, which is on April 16th. My name is Karin, I am one of 7 kids from a half German/half Cherokee indian family. My husband's name is Alan, he's the only son, with 2 sisters. We met at the age of 17 (me) and 18 (him) and immediately fell in love. We haven't been apart since, with the exception of one separation that occurred approximately 7 years into our marriage, when we were having a lot of problems, relating to his drinking, which is now controlled. We'd had lots of ups and downs over the years, the lowest, when we found out we could not have children, as I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 29, and the highest, as we just bought our first home. Alan is a distribution manager for a magazine firm and I am a medical secretary. We love being together but also love our time apart. I'm more of the loner, liking my books, movies, the computer, etc. He's more out going, liking golf, bowling, anything to keep him busy. We do have four cats, who are in reality our children, they are named Pasquale (the only male), Darcy, Khymer and Buttons. They are wonderful and well loved. As for funny or embarrassing, I think the worst, bar none, was when we were dating, we had gone to the lake to "make out". The cops caught us, chewed us up and down and sent us on our way! We were both so embarrassed, it was the worst thing that ever happened to us! Or at least at that time. I would love something to show him how much he brings to my life everyday, just to show that I don't discount the fact that he calls me twice a day just to say hello, he cooks dinner most nights (he's a much better cook!), he helps around the house and he's always there when I need him. Thank you in advance!!!!!!! Karin Cannon
Wedding Ring
Happy Anniversary darling,
sixteen years have flown so fast,
I'm looking forward to our future,
and I'm proud of our past.

We met in our teens,
just another teenage romance,
love in the back of a car,
the movies, a dance.

But that love has grown,
into something much, much more,
and now I'm so happy,
that I know what marriage is for.

I'm so sorry we can't have kids,
but it is as simple as that,
but we'll make do together,
us and the odd precious cat !
I really do appreciate you,
and I love it when you phone,
I love your wonderful cooking,
I love not being alone.

We're happy being together,
but we like our time apart,
separated by our activities,
joined together at the heart.

Now life is no bowl of cherries,
and we've had our troubled times,
but words don't always come together,
they can leave some terrible rhymes !

But all that is behind us,
and you're back in control,
back guiding our destiny,
back playing the perfect role.

And what of our future ?
I don't know what it'll bring.
But I just want you to know,
I'm proud to wear your wedding ring.

Karin kindly replied:
All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!! The poem is perfect! And, if I could
write poetry, it would be exactly what I would have said! You don't know
how much this will mean!
As to using my story and the poem on your website, you definitely have
my blessing! I am honored to have this from you and I will definitely
be spreading the word to everyone I know!
Thank you so much for this precious gift! I know that it will bring a
smile and a tear to my wonderful husband! God Bless. Karin Cannon

Copyright Allen Jesson 1999

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