I am getting married May 6, 2000.  As favours for my wedding (usually candied almonds, M&Ms, etc) I would like to donate to a charity.  My fiancĂ© and I felt that a more memorable gift to our guests would be to have a bookmark.

This bookmark would say: "For attending our wedding and signing our guest book, Pat and I will donate $1 per name to one of our favourite charities." or something to that effect.  Still working on the phrasing.  Pat and I will be donating to American Cancer Society, United Cerebral Palsy, and the Huntington's Disease Society.

I am hoping to find a poem that Thanks our guests for attending and goes
with the spirit of our gift.

Thank you for your time. Kim
 Wedding Day
This bookmark is yours to keep,
you can use it for this and that,
and it will bring back happy memories,
of the day that Kim married Pat !
Don't forget to sign our guest book,
this will be a worthwhile deed,
because for every name contained therein,
we will donate to someone in need.
Finally, thanks for being so special,
in just about every way,
and thanks for being here with us,
on this our wedding day.
Optional (bonus!) verse:
Kim loves Pat.
Pat loves Kim.
He loves her.
She loves him.

Kimberley kindly replied:

This is more than I had hoped for.  You did a FABULOUS job.  I am sitting here crying because your poem is what we needed to complete this wonderful idea. 
I do not have any objections, if you would like to publish this on your web site...  You may even use our names.  
Again,  Thank you.
Kimberly La Barr (soon - to - be 'Forrest')

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000