A Soldier's Fortune - The Reality Of Baghdad

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Full Name:             Kristen                                                     

Who do you want the poem written for?: Chris                                                       

Why do you want the poem written ?: My husband, Chris, died in Baghdad, Iraq after his convoy was attacked and was a shock to us all, I want something to remember him and his life by since memories are all I have now of him.

Key Messages:          My husband died doing what he loved, defending his country. He may have died, but he saved the life of at least one soldier that day and for that, he is a hero in my eyes for all times. He was the love of my life and the 4 short years we knew each other and the 2 years we were married were the best times of our lives.

Memorable Moments:     My husband always said he would never make his soldiers do something he wouldn't, and on October 9th, 2003, he proved that by dying to save the lives of his soldiers. The Army was my husband's life, he died doing what he loved and if he would have known the outcome, he would have done it all over again.

Other Comments:        Please make this a celebration of his life and that he was a hero to all his friends and family who love him. He touched everyone's life he met in some unforgettable way. I want this poem to honor him and what he sacrificed for our country.

Style:                 tribute to his life, heroic, proud of his job, how much we loved each other

A Soldier's Fortune


At the end of a summer’s day,

all too soon, the bugler sadly blows,

it’s a mournful tune, its too sad

and hopelessly, it’s a melody that everybody knows.


The notes hang on in the air so still,

as the tears roll down a caring face,

for they too wish they were born for a different reason,

they too wish they were born in another place.


And the memory of the tune lives on,

and like a brave soldier, it can never truly die,

but it too leaves an empty feeling,

and a simple wish for a time gone by.


And all I have left are our memories,

I’ll treasure them against the wasteful tide,

I’ll keep them safe next to my heart,

 and I'll look back on them with a sense of pride.


Because Chris, your death was not in vain,

and you died just doing the thing that you loved the most,

and I feel privileged to have been your wife,

and that is something I will always proudly boast.


 You defended your honour, your country,

and you saved the life of at least one other soul,

and for that, you’ll always be my hero,

and the world will never forget your final role.


 You were truly the love of my life,

although we only shared our four short years,

they were the best times of our lives,

 I'll always remember them, through the tears.


You always said that you’d never ask another,

to do what you weren’t prepared to do,

and on October 9th, 2003, you were a soldier

and being a solider was what made you, you.


 And you were doing what you loved,

if you’d have known the outcome nothing would’ve changed,

because you knew of a soldier's fortune,

and that destiny simply can't be rearranged.


And I will not remember you sadly,

because the pride I feel comes from my very heart,

and I know that we're still together

and nothing could ever tear us apart.


You died a true hero,

and that fact is not just seen through my eyes,

because all of your friends and family knew the real you,

but I guess this should come as no surprise.


Because you touched everyone that you met,

and you did it in some unforgettable way,

and these words are to honour you,

but they still leave so much to say.


Because you truly are my hero,

you paid the ultimate sacrifice,

I know you loved your country,

and I know you knew the price.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003


I love the poem very much, only thing is the very last line isn't exactly the way I feel, maybe you could word it differently, I am not and never have been angry at him for being in the military. Maybe something along the lines that he did pay the ultimate sacrifice and he was willing to pay that price.
(Changed. Ed) Other than that very last line, I think it is truly great. You captured a lot of things that others have said about him without me even telling you about him much.

This is my favorite picture of him because it shows him as a person, not as a statistic or a soldier, but someone we can all relate to. Thanks again for the poem, I really do love it!

 Kristen Swisher"