Sandy wrote:
What a nice offer!
Background: I am a 27-yr-old mechanical engineering student (junior). Married, no children.
Why: My mother is getting married in February of next year; I want a poem to give the two of them at Christmas as an engagement gift.
Both my mother and her fiance (Ed) are in their late 40s.
They both have three grown children, consisting (both sets) of a son and two daughters. My father died last year in the hospital, after 25 yrs with my mother, but of course, don't mention him. Ed is divorced, I don't know for how long. My mother is outgoing and works as a production manager at a factory. Bill is fairly shy, but seems nice enough; he is a
mechanical engineer for a local firm. They both are strongly religious (Christianity) and don't drink or smoke. They enjoy dinner theatres, and say they plan on travelling a lot.
Thanks again!
Happy engagement Mother,
I want to say it aloud,
I want to tell the world,
let them know that I'm proud.
I'm happy for you,
and that you're going to wed,
I'm happy that you've found,
such a nice bloke like Ed !
Now we are going to be,
a happy gang of eight,
two ships blown together,
by the merciful winds of fate.
Thanksgiving dinners,
will be a big exciting affair,
I can see Mum managing the production,
I can see you standing there.
You are both very religious,
and neither smoke nor drink,
at least we won't have to worry,
about what the neighbours will think.
I know you enjoy eating out,
eating watching others play,
waiting for your just desserts,
letting them have their say.
You also like to travel,
you can see you really thrive,
But Mum, are you really sure
you want to scuba dive ?
So that's it Mother,
I don't want to sound like a bore.
So I wish you every happiness,
and happiness evermore.

Copyright Allen Jesson 1998
Sandy kindly replied:
Wow-you are really good at this! Thank you so much for the poem; I KNOW they're going to love it!

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Thank you !