Trust In The Lord - Thanks, Dad


Submitted: Thu Dec 18 23:40:49 EST 2003 from

Full Name:             Mike Ketterer                                               

Who do you want the poem written for?: My Dad, Bob                                                 

Why do you want the poem written ?: My father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and has a 6-9 months left of his life.  I want to express all that he means and has meant to me over the years.

Blessed:               Yes                                                         

Done:                  Yes                                                         

Guidance:              Yes                                                         

Lord:                  Yes                                                         

Reasons:               Yes                                                         

Key­Messages:          I enjoyed the times we shared when you came out here, the best friends we have become over the years and our moments on the golf course and the projects over the years!

Date:                  December 15, 1980                                           

Package Type:          Poetry and card only                                        

Last thoughts:         I want the white card boxed and gift wrapped     

PS Allen, I have ordered the deluxe instead.  Thank you.


Trust In The Lord


Hello, my wonderful father,

I think I’d prefer to call you Dad,

because you’ve been more than a father to me,

in fact, you’re the best parent anybody’s ever had.


And I just wanted to say I love you,

that’s really what these words are for

and my love for you will be eternal,

beyond eternity, everlasting and for evermore.


I feel truly blessed to have had you in my life

and I’d like to thank you for guidance and support

and I know that right now might be difficult,

but believe me, you are in my every thought.


I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done,

whenever I needed you, you were right there

and I think that’s so important in life,

having someone, who you know who really cares.


And I’m sorry the way the cards have fell,

because with you in my life I have soared,

you were the one that gave me wings,

you were the one that taught me to trust in the Lord.


So, especially now, that’s where I’m putting my trust

and I’m praying hard to the heavens above,

because I know I’ve been lucky to share you,

I feel very honoured to have known your love.


I enjoyed the times we shared when you came out here

and over the years you’ve become my best friend,

we’ve had our moments on the golf course

and some of our projects never seemed to end.


And I don’t think our story’s quite over,

in fact, I don’t see an end in sight,

because I know that you’ll always be with me,

no matter what, I will always share your light.


And your light will always burn inside of me,

your spirit, your heart, your very soul

and I just wanted to thank you, Dad,

you’ve certainly played more than a father’s role.


So, let us both put our trust in the Lord

and trust whatever will be will be,

just know that you’ll have my love forever

and that love will last for all eternity.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003


The poem bought tears to my eyes!  It is perfect the way it is.  Yes, you can use my name and story for your website if you like to.  I do not have anything to add, you said it all for me.

I would like the poem on the white satin with the white box.

Thanks so much, Mike