TRAVELS - A 50th Anniversary Poem

Dear Allen,

      My sister and I found your web site and would like a poem for our parents anniversary.  The details are as follows:

 1.  My Name;    Anita LaBella

2.  Please respond to my daughters email   (withheld)

3.  Written for:   our parents, Willard and Laura Mengel for their 50th wedding anniversary which is October 25, 1951

4.  Key Message: 

          Both our parents grew up in Amherst, Ohio.  They still live in the same house that our father was born.  They met at Sears.

          Our mother was working in the credit department there and our father wanted credit to purchase tools so, he not only got the

          credit and tools but a wife also.  I guess Sears does have everything.

          His tools were  used throughout the years for himself and everyone he knew. 

          They raised 4.5 children in their time together, yes this is correct.  My dad's son , Gary, didn't join us till he turned 40. And he fits right in.

          Daughters are Pat, Nancy, Karen and Anita.

          We all were raised in Amherst and attended Central School as did our parents, aunts and cousins.

          The family enjoyed caping. We traveled from Maine to California and from Nova Scotia to Florida.  We endured the desert heat and the

          August snow at Yellow Stone. Along with every kind of insect there is.

          As the miles turned on the odometer  we sang some of our favorite songs, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall "and our favorite especially

           after 10 weeks on the road "I WANT TO GO HOME!"

          We saw many things and experienced nature at it's fullest.  Along with Gypsy's in Wisconsin, A Sheppard with his flock, Disney Land,

          and every free food processing tour (Kelloggs, yum/ Green Giant, yuck/Hersey mmm!)

          Our family grew up with a Lurtheran back ground.  Easter morning started at 4:30 am to be at church at 6:00am.  With one bathroom

          for six people.

          But we enjoyed waking up on Christmas morning not knowing parents just went to sleep.

          Our pets ranged from dogs, cats, birds, goldfish, a turtle (that ran away) and a raccoon that just happened to follow someone home.

          Our parents have been to all of the grandchildren's birth and enjoy their special events.

          Our parents have many friends around the United States, some of which have moved and some they have met on their journey's.

          We want them to know how much we love them and how grateful we are that they are our parents.  They have given us many

          opportunities during their 50 years of marriage.

 5.  We would like a happy style at the standard price of $69.50.

6.  Charity of choice, American Heart Assoc.

7.  The celebration is October 14, 2001

 I do hope we have given you enough information and am looking forward to reading the poem.  We will be putting this on a Master Card.


 Anita LaBella



 There once was an electrician,

who was certainly nobody's fool,

went to the shops one day,

to buy the odd sparky's tool.


Now this store was called Sears,

but he needed to borrow a dime,

and so one thing led to another,

which eventually led to this little rhyme.


You see, that was over fifty years ago,

and that's how Mom and Dad met,

and it turned into one helluva shopping trip,

that neither of them would ever forget !


Now all these years have past,

and thankfully, they've been ever so kind,

so I think it'd be a good idea,

if we shared a few things that are on our mind.


We want them to know that we love them,

and just how very grateful we are,

because thanks to their special guidance,

we've all certainly travelled far.


Especially on THAT road trip,

Boy ! Did we choose to roam,

the singing went from "ninety nine bottles",

to "show me the way to go home" !


We traveled north and south,

we traveled from east to west,

saw some magnificent sites,

found out why the States is the best.


We endured the desert heat,

tasted August snow at Yellow Stone

met every kind of insect,

shame they wouldn't leave us alone !


We saw so many things,

saw nature in all its glory,

and maybe there's a morale to this tale,

maybe there's point to this story.


Because we've traveled through life too,

had a few hills and crossed our dales,

but you two have always been there for us,

your never ending love never fails.


And we just wanted to say thank you,

that's what these words are for,

just know that we love you now,

and we will always love you, for evermore.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001

 Anita kindly replied:


     The first draft is great. the only changes would be Dad was an electrician not a farmer. Not everyone in Ohio  lives on farms although our own family thinks we do.  Also the green bottles was voted to become ''99 bottles" When the farmer is changed the tools will need to be changed too.   Thanks , Anita