Towards Our Destiny - And they haven't even met...

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Full Name:             Anand                                                       

Who do you want the poem written for?: Cindy                                                       

Why do you want the poem written ?: This might be pretty long, so please excuse me.. I need your help.  I come from India and based in the United States.  We have a system of arranged marriages where we seek proposals from brides that are looking for a partner. My parents essentially are involved in this process. They've been sending me details that they receive and recently they sent me details of this lovely girl called Cindy. My parents and my sister met this girl and they loved her.  Myself and Cindy talked to each other over the phone, shared our interests and beliefs.  I know it might sound pretty weird to you and to most of them that are brought up in western culture.  But the moment I talked to her, I felt we are made for each other.  My present circumstances concerning the visa and my work prevent me from going to India to meet her personally until two months later.  I know she likes me but I am not sure if she thinks so too that we are made for each other.  Her parents talked t

Key Messages:          I want her to know that we are going to make a very good pair and that she is going to be very happy spending the rest of her life with me. This is not a romantic love, it is much beyond that ... it is a pre-determined relationship woven by God.  All good things take time and one has to wait for the opportune moment.  I can't wait to see her but circumstances prevent me from doing so for the next two months. For me, meeting her in person, though important, is just a formality.  I have accepted this pre-determined relationship.  I want her to accept me too.  This is not an I love you message.  It is a re-iteration that we were made to be together and we are waiting for the moment.  

Memorable Moments:     She dislikes people who smoke and drink ... she wasn't sure if I smoked or drank alcohol.  I don't know, but she didn't find it very appropriate for her to ask me directly.  So when I was talking to her Uncle she told him to ask me if I had any of these habits.  Actually I don't have any of these habits. And I also wanted to tell her that if there is something she doesn't like about me, i'll make every effort to change.

Other Comments:        I want her to keep in touch till I come, sharing her thoughts and her interesting moments in life. I am thinking about her and I hope she is too. 

Style:                 Something that melts the heart.  Not melancholic ... but a bit romantic  and conveying a sense of yearning. 

Package Type:          Standard  

Towards Our Destiny
Sometimes in life strange things happen,
sometimes, there are things you'll never understand,
sometimes there is greater, unseen picture,
sometimes destiny unfolds exactly as He's planned.
And that is exactly how I feel,
our destiny is before our very eyes,
and I wanted you to know that I love you,
although, I guess, by now, this should come as no surprise.
I know that there are people out there,
who would be saying: "How can this be so?"
After all, these two people haven't yet met,
how could one possibly ever know?
But, Cindy, I have this feeling,
and it comes from my very heart, my very soul,
that with you in my life I'll be complete
with you, I will, at last, be completely whole.
The moment I talked to you I felt the stars move,
it was like our destiny was forming in the heavens above,
and I had this growing feeling inside of me,
and that feeling was just for you, it was my love.
I know you have feelings for me too,
but I'm not sure that you're ready to commit for life,
and of course, I understand your trepidation,
it's not every day a man asks you to become his wife.
To me, our physical meeting is secondary,
because I have a deeper sense of inner knowing,
I know that we're made for each other,
and that feeling, like my love for you, keeps on growing.
And in two short months we will meet,
and hopefully then, our lifetime journey will start,
and I promise to you my lifelong love,
I promise this to you with all my heart.
I feel this is pre-determined and woven by God,
and my God, there's been magic in His weave,
because you are everything I've ever dreamed of,
Cindy, you are literally my dream to believe.
I can confirm that I neither smoke nor drink,
and I'll make every effort to be a better man,
because I believe we are made for each other,
and we are both part of a far greater plan.
So please be patient my true love,
and please stay in touch in the coming days,
because this boy was lost before he found you,
you're the one that's helped him out of the maze.
So please take my hand, my beloved,
you are my better place to be,
because Cindy, I love you with all my heart,
and let us walk together, towards our destiny.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
Anand kindly replied:

 "Hi Allen,

  You were amazing.  Exactly what I had in mind.  I can't find words to appreciate your talent and the way you express things.  I am, in short overwhelmed.  I don't need any change.  I love it the way it is right now. 

Thanks Again ... You are wonderful ..."