The Vision - Parents with vision, daughter with apology

Full Name:             Cheryl Boyagian                                             

Who do you want the poem written for?: Armen & Lillian Boyagian (my parents)                       

Why do you want the poem written ?: We are celebrating 50 years of marriage on November 30th. 

Key Messages:          They have raised 4 children - Dad has always worked hard to give us everything he never had.  Mom was always home to take care of the days busy work.  She was always there.  When we got home from school we new mom would be there.  Both parents made sure we were raised with integrity and honesty (although I know I gave them an extremely hard time with that).  Two older brothers and an older sister who were for the most part perfect children and then here I come, the troublemaker of the family.  It is a big joke nowadays.  Both mom and dad have always been there to guide us with their strength.  To show us the courage to go on in tough situations.  

Memorable Moments:     There are no specific moments.  We did family vacations which included mom's dad and dad's mom.  Mom would always chase us kids with the fly swatter for punishment, (not sure if she wants to be reminded of these)  We had a great life being raised by these two very special parents.  They are the greatest!  Dad goes out of his way to help those in need.  It extends to his brothers and sisters.  When dad was growing up his family was evicted from a home and he vowed never to let this happen to his own family.  He bought my grandparents their first "ice box".  My father is a very giving man.  I can't even begin to portray how giving he is.  

Other Comments:        Since mom was left to raise us kids pretty much without dad's input (only because he worked hard to give all of us everything) I think it leaves her a little bit bitter at times with dad, but dad just blows it off.  I would like to touch both their hearts to tell them thank you for all their wisdom, integrity, strength and courage and for giving all that they gave to us kids.  All that they ever did was for their children.  

Style:                 Happy, heartfelt                                            

Package Type:          Deluxe    


The Vision
I know, from personal experience,
it can be hard to quell the troublesome spirit within,
maybe a few apologies could be in order,
but at times, it's hard just knowing where to begin.
You see, I've got two wonderful parents,
although at times, I didn't exactly see it that way,
and now I've got a few words on my mind,
there's a few heartfelt things I'd like to say.
Their story started over fifty years ago,
but the real magic happened on November 1st, 1952,
it's when Armen and Lillian got married
and they both happily and lovingly said "I do".
And from those magical two words,
four children were lovingly grown
and we're so very grateful,
for all their support and the love that they've shown.
They've always been there for us unconditionally,
although, certainly in my case, it wasn't deserved at times,
just one of many reasons why we love them
and just one of the reasons for these rhymes.
Although at times we've felt like pesky insects,
especially when the fly swatter came out,
but I guess we had been naughty
and I guess, that's really what true love is all about.
Dad has always worked so very hard,
I guess it was to give us the things he never had,
a remarkable father in every way,
a remarkable man and a wonderful Dad.
Dad goes out of his way to help those in need,
he is admired by many for his conviction,
he learned from an early age how tough life can be
and made his family's welfare his lifelong mission.
Because he is such a giving man,
it seems like he gives his very soul,
but I do know that I love him very much
and he makes me feel so completely whole.
Mom was also a very hard worker
and was always there when we'd finished our roam,
when we'd finished school she'd be waiting,
she always kept a warm and loving home.
And Mom was often left to raise us kids,
because Dad was often gone, working hard
and that has sometimes caused some tension
and left them both a little battle scarred.
Both parents shared their values with us,
such honesty, (I know at times I've lied),
but now I'm being so truthful when I say;
I couldn't have picked finer parents - even if I'd tried.
Because I know I wouldn't be who I am today,
without their strength, courage, wisdom and integrity,
their vision has given me wonderful insight,
because I was once blind and could not see.
Mom and Dad have been wonderful guides
and they've shown us how to find our inner strength
and I could sing their praises all day long,
in fact, I could go on and at length.
But time waits for no woman
and all good things have to come to their ends,
so I would like just to say thank you, I love you,
thanks Mom and Dad - you've been my best of friends.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

"First, let me say thank you very much it is beautiful.  This is truly a wonderful work of art.  You have put on paper what I have felt for most of my 43 years.  My family is not a very emotional family (with the exception of myself and my mom at times) and I am sure it will touch all that listen to this. 

 Each and every time I read it it brings tears to my eyes.

 Of course you can publish the poem for my parents, I would be honored.  Name changes are not necessary. 

 Much Respect, Cheryl Boyagian"

Cheryl's parents

Cheryl and the siblings

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