This poem was written on 11th November 1998. Lest we forget.
The Unknown Soldier
The unknown soldier,
I'm sorry, I don't know your name.
How do you handle your stardom ?
Cope with anonymous fame ?
We owe you so much,
have so much to be thankful for,
you gave your life for us,
fighting someone else's bloody war.
And I try to picture you,
teenaged and full of spirit,
I don't believe you would have questioned,
the war, and why you was in it.
So you would have said farewell,
to your family, maybe a friend,
never thought about not coming back,
didn't imagine your journey's end.
You went straight into battle.
Blood, guts, shells, gas and noise.
Just can't imagine the destruction,
caused by the distant generals' toys.
You were struck your mortal blow,
I can see you bloody and dying,
maybe thinking of your loved ones,
maybe even crying.
Maybe you would have been scared,
maybe glad your war was done.
But your pride and spirit wouldn't have faltered,
to the end you were your country's son.
Because you knew what you was fighting for,
back when men were truly men,
and despite the horrors that you endured,
without hesitation, you would do it all again.
I look at the world you fought for,
(with the benefit of hindsight).
I question the worthy sacrifice,
would I send my sons to fight ?
And after searching my soul,
I find the answer deep within.
Liberty is worth dying for,
without freedom, you can never begin.
And you have been dead many long years,
your glory is moving to history past.
But I know your legend will live on,
I know your unknown name will last.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001


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