The Plan - A first anniversary poem from a very happy wife to her wonderful husband.
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Full Name:  Tina Casetta                                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: First anniversary                                           
Why do you want the poem written ?: gift                                                        

Key Messages:   Cindy (my best friend who introduced us) Date of marriage in Jan.26 2001 in Jamacia at the Grand Lido Sans Souci-what a perfect day it was . How thankful I am that our paths crossed and he (Lee) is a part of my life

Memorable Moments:     A couple of weeks after we had meant each other my friend Cindy was pushing for us to get together all of us were single and no dates or plans for Valentines day so Lee thought the three of us could have a special dinner prepared by him at his small cozy apartment . Cindy knowing that I would not go alone waited for me to get there thinking the three of us were going to have dinner together called after I had arrived to say she was sick and could not make it . Lee had prepared a special dinner that I will never forget grilled shrimp - blackened swordfish-spinach salad and Cajun potato salad we had a wonderful time and talked the wee hours in the morning 

Other Comments:        Would like to mention first vacation together in New Orleans singing at the piano bar with Jonny Gordon. Cuddling in the hammock on our honeymoon in Jamaica. How eerie it is that we have a lot of the same thoughts at the same time. How we never run out things to talk about and having coffee and conversation every morning before work.

Style:                 Happy-romantic                                              

Package Type:     Deluxe  

Last thoughts:      Would like the wooden frame with earth colored back ground if that is a option (yes, it is, Ed :)
The Plan
A couple of weeks after we met,
Cindy was pushing for us to get together,
we had no dates or plans for Valentine's Day,
let alone plans for life and forever.
A special dinner was the idea,
but Cindy knew I wouldn't go alone,
so she waited for me to get there,
and then said "I'm sick, you're on your own".
Well, I must admit I was a little nervous,
didn't know what the night had in store,
didn't think about the future,
like I said, I wasn't planning for evermore.
Now, you cooked a magical dinner,
I'll never forget the shrimp (beautifully grilled),
and the blackened swordfish and salads,
were wonderful foundations on which to build.
So, we ate, indeed with gusto,
and yes, we drank a little wine,
and the duo, that was supposed to be a trio,
well, they played in tune just fine.
We had such a wonderful time,
and we talked until the wee hours were done,
and of all the billion thoughts in your life,
one of the nicest is: "mmm, he's the one".
So, we were officially an "item",
and soon singing at an Orleans piano bar,
we were happy to sing back up,
because Jonny Gordon was the star.
And then, before you know it, we were married,
on that, ever so, ever so perfect day,
and we soon learned to cuddle in a hammock,
quite difficult, but we found a way !
And now the honeymoon is over,
and our first year has flown so fast,
and I still love you so very much,
I just know that our marriage is going to last.
Because we never run out of things to talk about,
conversation and coffee is how we start our days,
and I love every single piece of you,
and in oh, in oh so many different ways.
You see, you are like my Oxygen,
I need you in order to breathe,
and being married to you,
well, indeed that is a dream to believe.
So, I think our plan has been wonderful !
This really has been the marriage of my dreams,
and I'm so glad that we're together,
we truly do make the very best of teams.
We have the same thoughts at the same time,
that's just because we are so much in tune,
and I love you more than the sun and the sea,
more than the night sky, the stars and the moon.
And I know it's only been the one year,
but you truly are a remarkable man,
and I plan to love you forever and forever.
Hey, what was that? It sounds like a plan!
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

Tina kindly replied:

"Perfect . Would not change a thing. Please let me know how to proceed. Would like Parchment Scroll paper and the wooden frame. You can use the poem and would like it signed along with the draft.
Thank you, Tina Casetta"