The Missing Link - A story about a father, a daughter and love

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Full Name:             Stacey Mills                                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: My fathers 65th birthday and retirement party               

Why do you want the poem written ?: I'm not able to be there on this big day and I wanted a very special gift to be read to him

Key Messages:          First I need to tell you a little about my situation with my dad, My whole life I have known my fathers name, and that I had a older brother, but him and my mother had split up before I was born, (he had a son with his first wife) For years growing up I wondered about him, wanting to meet him and get to know him. Through my school years, graduation, marriage, and having my own children I wish I had my father, I had a good step father but never the father daughter relationship. In January 2001 I was on the internet and decided to search for him, within 15 minutes I had his name address and phone number, I made the call that night and have been talking to him regularly ever since, I have a great relationship with him and my brother Jeff.  In this poem I would like it to express how happy I am to have finally found him and have a relationship with him and my brother, I know a lot of things cannot be made up for, but to enjoy the times in the future.

Memorable Moments:     The most memorable time for my dad and I was when he got off the bus, and we met for the first time, Before meeting my brother we talked on the phone daily and the big joke was he would have to take me shopping at the mall when I got to Florida, (he hates to shop)  Sure enough, the second day we spent together him and my dad took me shopping.   It was great.  

Other Comments:        I'm 36 yrs old and live in Michigan, My dad and brother live in Florida, We have only seen each other 3 times but talk on the phone 5 days a week. I finally feel complete in my life, and I have a family of my own (2 children Greg and Heather) I'm glad that now my dad will be able to know my children and be in their life too.

Style:                 Happy                                                       

Package Type:          Unique                                                      

Last thoughts:         I don't know if I have confused you at all or not, I'm just looking for something special for the big day since I won't be able to be there and to show him how happy I am to have him and my brother Jeff in my life.

The Missing Link
When I was just a little girl,
I felt a little different from all the others,
I knew there was something missing in my life,
although I had one of the world's finest mothers.
Now, please don't misunderstand,
because I never felt I'd been particularly wronged,
but there was something missing, a missing link,
and unmistakeably, it was the father and daughter bond.
Now I know that life isn't always that easy,
and things don't always go as you would have planned,
sometimes there's no rhyme nor reason,
and sometimes all you can do is; misunderstand.
And life sometimes just goes and happens,
and the pages, like a book, just go and unfold,
and there's many a story that could have been,
there's many a story un-happened and untold.
And in truth, that's how it was for me growing up,
school years, graduation, marriage, my father wasn't there,
now, I'm not looking for any sympathy,
and I'm certainly not laying blame anywhere.
But there was always this slightly empty feeling,
it was a void that touched my very soul,
somehow, the occasion didn't feel complete,
and occasionally, I somehow never felt completely whole.
But that changed in January 2001, within 15 minutes on the 'Net,
and I'll never forget that time you got off the bus,
and then in the space of a few minutes,
we were no longer you and I, we were an us.
And ever since that moment,
I have felt truly complete,
and that's a hard feeling to explain,
but it's one I know that's hard to beat.
And every cloud has a silver lining,
and in my case, it had two,
because I also got to meet my brother,
and Jeff, I'm very proud of you.
I know that you hate shopping,
but that second day we had was simply great,
and now I can't help but wonder,
about the wonderful twists and turns of fate.
Because I wonder if we'd be this close,
if we'd shared everyone of our years?
Who knows what would've happened?
Maybe we would've parted with bitter tears?
But what I do know is that now I'm finally happy,
I'm happy, I'll say it again and again,
and I can't wait until we're next together,
I'm looking forward to that time, sometime when.
And mere distance may separate us,
mere distance keep us apart,
just know that you're forever in my thoughts,
and yes, we're joined together at the heart.
And I'm sorry I can't be there today,
(and I also promise that this is not a payback),
I know that you'll forgive my absence,
because compassion is a quality that you've never lacked.
So, Happy 65th Birthday, Dad,
that's really what these words are for,
I'm glad you're no longer a missing link,
just know that I'll love you for evermore.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
Wow!!!!!  I love it!!!!   thanks- Please go ahead with printing I would like it autographed and the original please!!! You do a wonderful job. Please feel free to publish my poem and use names,  that's fine, please don't put the part in about (omitted. ED) Thanks again- I loved it!!