Hello! I saw the poem samples on your site and I was very impressed. There was one poem in particular that struck me VERY close to home and I thought maybe you could help me.

My parents 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up and I am planning the "gathering" and need to have something for a toast. I would like to be able to use a poem of your creation, with your website address at the bottom so that all the others at the gathering will also find your wonderful website. 

The poem that hit me hard, was the one about the parents (40th I think) (Forty More) wedding anniversary and it mentions when they almost lost the father. My father almost died after being hit by a car 6 years ago. It was only by a miracle that he survived and I thank God everyday that he is still here for me and my son. I am also very close to my mother. My father married my mother when I was 6 and I don't remember much about the wedding, but they have been through hell and back because of the accident and they are just now starting to enjoy life again, 6 years later. Their names are Pat and Steve Davis (Patricia/Stephen)

One of the biggest pleasures in their life is my son Christopher, I had him as a single parent and they took me in for the first 1 1/2 years of his life. My mother was my lamaze coach and this was my father's opportunity to experience the baby to toddler years because I was 6 when they married and my brother was 8).  I have to battle them for time with my son :0) because I work 45 hours a week and barely get to see him on weekends because they try to get so much time with him :0)   My father walked me down the isle (when I got married) and he was barely able to do it because he needed a walker to walk, at the time. He is now walking without assistance but he is forever unable to walk "normal" and will always be in some amount of pain. If ever there was a reason for God to do that to him, it was because my mother and I did not appreciate him, until we almost lost him. Now we thank God EVERY DAY for him and his love.

Although he is my step-father, I always have treated him like my real father because my biological father will only give me the time of day if it is convenient and he has nothing better to do.

I guess the bottom line is that both of my parents have been a HUGE part of my life ALWAYS and I don't know what I would do without them. If you can please do justice to their 25th wedding anniversary with a toast that will make everyone cry :0) It will be only very close relatives, my mothers brothers and sisters and my fathers closest cousins, the poem can be intimate there won't be more than 30 people there.

The date of the celebration is September 10, but their anniversary is actually on the 12th. The only living parent is my father's mother (Val), she is helping with the celebration and he is her only child, I don't know if you want to make mention of all the things he has done for her or if that would actually complicate things on you.... If that makes it too difficult, you can skip it, I just wanted to point out that he is very important to so many people and we just love him more than words can say - which is where you come in!  Thank you very much!! Deanna Bray
You almost died on us,
when you were hit by that car,
it was a miracle that you survived,
and have come along this far.
I thank God everyday,
that you're here for me and my son,
I know you enjoy your times together,
and that you both have heaps of fun.
Your life with Chris is precious,
I have to fight you for his time,
and that is a wonderful chore,
and it makes a beautiful rhyme.
I'm very close to my mother,
and you married when I was six,
one of your finer choices,
one of your better picks !
I know you love my mother,
you've made life an achievable dream,
you are made for each other,
we all know you truly are a team.
But you've been to hell and back,
all through these past six years,
a battle against the pain,
the agony and the tears.
You were determined on my wedding day,
let's just call it The Miracle Mile,
because despite those painful injuries,
you still walked me down that aisle.
But you're pulling through now,
that fighting spirit is shining through,
and I just need you to know,
that I'm so very proud of you.
And everything for a reason,
although some times it is not that clear,
but maybe we didn't appreciate you,
boy, we're glad that you're still here !
They say blood is thicker than water,
and everybody has their judgement day.
Today I judge you as my real father,
what more is there left to say ?
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000

Deanna kindly replied:

That was a wonderful poem and it made me cry!! I won't be able to read it to him in front of all those people, but I will frame it (with your name on it of course :0) and give it to him as a present.

 Thank you so very much! It is perfect!! You can use my story and the poem on your site. You don't need to change the names, I don't mind you using them. Just don't supply my email address :0)

  You are a wonderful creator of rhyme and I will keep your address for future needs.

 Thank you again, Deanna