I don't want to get too morbid but this is about my funeral !

I've always been a great fan of planning ahead ! 


The Last Barbeque


I don't want anyone wearing black,

instead, colored shirts, shorts and thongs,

read a couple of my poems,

maybe even sing one of my songs.


I think Harry should be there,

maybe Jim, Bob and some blues,

just let Ian and Paul do the picking,

they'll know which ones to choose.


Make it a celebration,

of what life has gone before,

remember only the good times we had,

and the wonderful sights that we saw.


No crying please,

well OK, but make them happy smiling tears,

just be grateful for the times we had,

we had so many great and happy years.


And do I have any regrets?

Of course, there'll always be a few,

but overall, my life was bloody good,

now I'm looking through that old rear view.


And now I've moved on,

as I guess, one day you will do too,

I'll give my last piece of advice,

and suggest what you should do.


Firstly, go and light the Weber,

make sure the coals are nice and grey,

and then party like you've never partied before,

make it a really happy and memorable day.


You see, time waits for no man,

I guess that's plain to see,

and life is for the living,

it's so full of opportunity.


And never let an old man,

take over the thinking in your brain,

just do what you want to do,

then do it once more and then once again.


Because clocks only go one way,

you only get so many sunsets,

and there's just no time for wistfulness,

there's just no time for your regrets.


So I want to say a few words,

to the young man that went before:

Take your life in your hands,

and hammer on your destiny's door.


And look inside your soul,

to the quiet spot deep within,

there you'll find your mountain to climb,

and from which valley to begin.


Don't worry about the future,

and you cannot change the past,

make today your best day ever,

and then make that feeling last.


And that something on your mind,

get it off your chest today,

because tomorrows words never come,

and they always leave too much to say.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001