Hi.  My name is Tina.  I have a very special poem I would be grateful for you to write.  On August 14, 2000, my husband DJ and I will be celebrating our first anniversary.  We have been trying for a baby for eight months now, and I am finally pregnant.  He does not know yet, because on our anniversary, that is going to be my present to him. (and this poem if you can have it done by then)  He wants to be a daddy so badly and he will be a fabulous one. We are hoping for a boy, to be named after him.  I hope he will have his
eyes and his hair, but I will be just as happy with a girl as long as our
baby is healthy.  I love this man so much and even though we are young (many people would say 21 is too young to get married)  he is my best friend.  The poem I would really like to be about presenting him with a special gift...our baby.
Please, if you can, I would love it by
our Anniversary.
Thank you and God Bless.....Tina

The Gift


I had to think so very hard,

I just couldn't think what to get.

What do you give that special person,

to thank him for my best year yet ?


You see, I love this man so very much,

he means just everything to me,

and although some say we're too young,

we're married and as happy as can be.


DJ, I just love your eyes,

and you have such beautiful hair,

I swear when I look at you,

I see an angel standing there.


And that started me thinking,

(as mothers often do),

wouldn't it be so nice,

to have a gift that looked just like you ?


And I'm so very proud and happy,

to have these words to say:

DJ, you're going to be a Daddy,

Happy Anniversary, Happy Father's Day !


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000-2001

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