The Gift of Birth

The magical experience surrounding a new arrival can be a very emotional time. (I should know, I have been lucky enough to father four beautiful children). A Gift of Poetry is a great way of expressing those emotions and your gift can be written from many perspectives. From the child, to the child, to the father, there are many possibilities.

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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Scott wanted something special for his wife, Kathy. It was her first Mother's Day. Cindy has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published)

Love, Peanut - A poem from an unborn peanut...

Full Name:             Scott Phillips                                              

Who do you want the poem written for?: Kathy Phillips                                              

Why do you want the poem written ?: This will be my wife's first Mother's Day, as she is scheduled to give birth to our son on May 9th.

Key Messages:          I would like the poem to be from our son to her, letting her know how much love he feels and that he is very lucky to have her as his mom.

Memorable Moments:     We have not named our child yet, but his nickname is "Peanut".

While in utero, Peanut has enjoyed listing to bedtime stories from daddy, listening to music (especially Ricky Martin and Blink 182), and responding when our dog Gizmo starts barking.

Gizmo has been our "baby" the last 7 years.  He gets worried about how things are going to change, but we know he will be a good big brother.

Other Comments:        We have tried for a long time to get pregnant and last year it finally happened. My wife works in home health care with a little girl named Maggie, who she has taken care of for a year and a half.  She knows she will still be Kathy's "princess".

Style:                 The poem should be happy, but very emotional as well        

Package Type:          Unique     
Love, Peanut
Hello, my wonderful mother,
these words are just for you,
because I love you very much,
and I know exactly what you've been through.
(I also feel blessed that I'm so clever,
and have already learned to read and write).
I guess we should really thank Daddy,
and all those bedtime stories late at night.
And I can sympathize with those writers,
because it can be hard getting your words to rhyme,
but thanks to Ricky Martin and Blink 182,
my music tastes are already in their prime.
By the way, we'll have to stop Gizmo barking,
actually, he's driving me barking mad,
but I know that he'll be a great big brother,
probably the best any kid has ever had.
And I'm sorry that I took my time,
but you can never control the hands of fate,
but I do know that those years of trying were worth it,
and good things happen to those who wait.
I'm looking forward to our future,
and our stories, as yet unwritten and untold,
I'm looking forward to my childhood,
I'm even looking forward to getting old!
Because I know I have two fine parents,
in fact, the very finest on this earth,
and they've already proven their love for me,
and they've shown me what a family is worth.
So, we are forever entwined,
for eternity, we'll be joined together as one,
I'll be your twinkling evening star,
and you already are my morning sun.
I promise to love and to cherish you,
and I know that you'll always listen and  understand,
because together we'll walk to our sunsets,
every step of the way, hand in hand.
Just know that I love you very much,
and I guess I've got one more thing left to say,
I'm grateful for everything that you've done,
and oh yes ! Have a simply wonderful Mother's Day.
It's been hard knowing what to say,
and to know exactly what to put,
just know that I love you,
all my love, Peanut.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

Scott kindly replied:

"Allen, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  You amaze me with your talent!

 If you would like to publish the finished poem on your website that is fine with me.  As far as a background goes, I think the Beach at Sunset would look nice - plus it ties in with some of the verses.

 The poem looks great - I know my wife will be deeply touched. 

 Best regards, Scott

 P.S.  You wrote a poem for me back in August for my little sister's wedding entitled "Christmas Stockings".  She absolutely loved it !!"

And in June....


I want to thank you again for your help creating the poem.  I read it to my wife on Mother's Day while we were in the hospital preparing to go home.

The birth went fantastic and I was blown away by the whole experience!  Ethan John Phillips was born on May 9th at 9:46am.  He was 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long (see photo).

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