Hello, I would like to ask if you would please write two poems for me. These would be for a wedding, I would like one for my new daughter In Law to be her name is Fairle. And I would also like one for my Son whose name is Michael. I am truly happy for both of them, but don't seem to be able to express this clearly to them. Michael will be 22 when he gets married. I am divorced from Michael's dad, and have been remarried for the last 10 years. Michael left home after he graduated from High school at the age of 17 to join the US Navy. He has a sister Melissa, and two step siblings, a step brother James and a step sister Melissa. I tell him I love him, but I want something to say to him at this big moment in his life. Somehow I want to say that no matter what happens, or were he goes, I'm just a phone call away if he ever needs me, or just wants to talk. He's my first born, and even though I'm happy for him, I feel sad.
I would like a poem to read to the girl he is going to marry. Her name is Fairle, and she is a very nice person. I want to say to her something about her marrying my son, and I will try to be a good mother in law, and I will be there for her, if she needs me, and will love her like she was a daughter not a daughter in law.
If you will write these two poems for me I would appreciate it. 
Thank you
To Michael and Fairle, From Mum

Michael has gotten married,
he's chosen Fairle, a lovely bride,
I have so many mixed emotions,
happiness, sadness and a lot of pride.

He is my first born,
and even though I'm happy, I do feel sad,
sometimes sorry that I'm "losing" him,
sometimes sorry I divorced his Dad.

I've tried telling them things,
but the words just don't come,
I don't think they've got the message,
the right words from their loving Mum.

Because I just want to say that I love them,
and that whatever happens, no matter what,
my love will never die for them,
Mission Impossible, it simply cannot.

And I'll always be there for them,
all they need to do is pick up the phone,
they will never need to feel lonely,
or fight their battles on their own.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 1999
Thank you for the poem it is just great. I have no problem if you want to use it on your web site, the only request I would like to make is that you either change the names (OK) in my story (not the names in the poem) or delete my reasons for wanting the poem all together. 

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Thank you !