A colleague of mine once confided in me. This is his story.
The Affair
Another row at home,
Feeling all alone.
Her name's Pearl,
She's the office girl.
A twinkle in her eye,
A glimpse of stockinged thigh.
Take a chance,
With forbidden romance ?
Stop back late,
Excuse for a date.
A long walk,
Small talk.
An aching heart,
Cupid's dart.
A passionate glance,
The naked dance.
Steaming showers,
Then guilty flowers.
Cream turns sour,
Within the hour.
Married life,
A faithful wife.
Kid's thoughts,
Out of sorts.
Heaps of remorse,
Consider divorce.
Thirty per cent,
Paying the rent.
Kids that are sad,
A weekend Dad.
Lonelier nights,
Custody fights.
Feeling stupid,
Blaming Cupid.
Do I tell ?
(Go to hell).
Wish I'd never seen her,
The grass wasn't greener.
Silly little cow,
I'll finish it, somehow.

Copyright Allen Jesson 1998