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Miracle Child - A thank you poem from a grateful Mom to her doctor.
Full Name:             Jennifer Dye                                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: Dr. Mattson                                                 

Why do you want the poem written ?: Thank him for the life of my new baby boy. Without his quick thinking and actions we would not have our son

Key Messages:          Thank you, he calls our son Tyler his miracle child, the delivery was rough and scary, another 2 drs assisted, 1 of them felt a presence of god or spirit He had the feeling when he walked into the room that everything would be alright

Memorable Moments:     The picture that we took of Dr Mattson and Tyler: Tyler is looking right at him as if he knows that he would not be here if it wasn't for him.  He is a very great Dr. Very personable, loving, caring, very "one-on-one" with his patients. He feels like he is part of our family now

Other Comments:        On January 8th, my son Tyler was born at 3:30pm.  During the delivery, the umbilical cord broke and he was stuck. The nurses paged for assistance for other doctors to help. Dr Mattson knew that if this baby was not delivered asap, that it would die of blood loss. Afterwards, he was ambulanced to a Children's hospital 75 miles away for observation. I could not go with, as I would not get any care being discharged. He is fine. When he was born he weighed 9lbs 22 1\2" long. This is truly a miracle baby and I want to express this, and thanks to Dr Mattson for being the man he is and for our healthy baby boy.

Style:                 Thank-you                                                   

Package Type:          Deluxe            

Last thoughts:         I'm not sure how to say thank-you to my Dr. We have become very close friends since this event. The birth of my son (he says) has aged him!!!!  He is truly a remarkable man.  
I sensed there was even more to this story so I asked Jennifer if she wanted to expand on her story: This is what she wrote:

You had asked me to expand on what I would like this poem to
express.......... I don't know how to put into words how I feel for what he
did for us that day except Thank-you. And even that doesn't seem to be
enough.  It's almost like they say in cartoons, "I will do anything for you
now that you saved (a) my life" (sounds corny I know)
The story goes: He is a jokester, and is like part of your family. When I
found out that I was pregnant, he had decided to take a leave of absence, I
was devastated. I picked a Dr, and needless to say, she was not him. I could
never get answers, refused to give me and ultrasound yadda, yadda, yadda. I
found out he was coming back and immediately booked my appts w/him.  When I was in my 3 trimester, I started having preterm labor and was put on  bed
rest for 5 weeks. I got an ultrasound and found that everything was fine
except that I was going to have a BIG baby. My water broke at 730 in the
morning. I didn't go in until 10, when my contractions started. I was
dilated to 6 and by noon I was 10 and in a lot of pain. He decided to give
me pain meds becuz I shouldn't have been in that much pain. Well to find
out, the baby was face up so the delivery was going to be rough.  I began
pushing and we made a bet. He said,"How 'bout we have a baby by 330? I
replied, "How 'bout 315" He had told me that he wanted to put the baby on my
chest when it was born...never happened. Right before Tyler was born, 2
nurses came in and they paged, "drs to OB STAT" 2 drs came in to assist.
Tyler was finally born, not breathing. I didn't know what was going on. When
he did finally cry, Dr Mattson told me what happened. When his head was out
the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck....common. When he went to
pull it over his head it broke, which meant that he was bleeding to
death (cuz the cord wasn't clamped like after birth) and I was bleeding also.
Then he got stuck with the shoulders being wide and that is why he needed
the assistance of other drs to put tremendous pressure on my tummy and to
assist in making the baby breathe. Tyler was taken to a Children's hospital
70 miles away by Life Link ambulance. After Tyler had left my side and my husband had followed the ambulance, Dr Mattson came to my room after being home and stayed with me for 2.5 hours
talking. He had this similar experience as an intern and the baby had died.
The one Dr that assisted, had said that their was a presence of god or
angels in the room becuz he knew as soon as he walked into the room
everything would be ok.  Dr Mattson has called me back personally with
answers to ?s and when I have brought Tyler in for follow-up visits, he
takes him and holds him until we leave.  He calls Tyler his "Miracle Child"
This man is unremarkable and I don't know how to say thank-you to him except
with a poem of yours. He is loving and caring, always smiles and makes me smile and laugh when I see him or talk to him . There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what he has done for Tyler and I. He does say that my delivery has aged him and that he probably will never have that kind of experience again.
He is also the Rebel type. Wears very vivid shirts (like the one in the
picture) and jeans and colored jeans. Not Dockers and ties or scrubs and
jackets like most Drs wear. (which makes him like a Joe blow off the
street---a personable man and not the typical stereotype "Dr".)  The nearest
person that I can describe him to is "Patch Adams" (staring Robin Williams)
He is just like him!!!
So, now that I have talked your eyes out of there sockets, I hope this
didn't bore you or make you think that I am weird!!!!!! I just want to
"thank him" I hope that isn't being to blunt, but this "thing" is on my mind
and chest and I would love for it to be released like a breath of fresh air,
and for him to know how I feel and what he did and for him to get the credit
and gratitude he truly deserves.
From what I hear, the hospital nurses and Drs are still talking about my
delivery and what Dr Mattson did. The Dr that assisted him told him he does
not know how he pulled off being calm and knowing what to do becuz he would
have panicked if it was him. (Even tho' Dr Mattson was sweating gallons and
was white as a ghost as it was happening!!!!!)
Hope that this helps you out!!
I really look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Not so many years ago,
a remarkable delivery was made,
and I'd like to thank that doctor,
for the magical role that he's played.
Because you must have been a miracle child,
for now you truly are a remarkable man,
you are just like "Patch Adams",
caring, lovable and just doing what you can.
There are heroes that have sailed the oceans,
and those that have fought a raging fire.
There are heroes that have climbed mountains,
climbing ever higher and higher.
But there's not a feat in this world,
that could possibly compare to what you've achieved,
and every time I look into Tyler's face,
there, facing me, is a dream to be believed.
Without your quick thinking,
I know we wouldn't have our son,
and of all the doctors in the world,
I'm really glad that you were the one.
There was definitely a presence in that room,
and maybe you had an unseen helping hand,
but it was your presence of mind that saved the day,
when things didn't exactly go as planned.
January 8th will always be a magical day,
because you not only saved a son, we gained a lifelong friend,
and I will be eternally grateful to you,
until my journey's end.
And the photo of you and Tyler,
tells the story without the need of narration;
Tyler looking at you with gratitude,
and what can only be described as admiration.
I want to thank you Doctor Mattson,
for not only your remarkable daring,
but I want to thank you for being the man that you are,
personable, loving and very caring.
You've made such a difference to us,
I'm so glad it was your number that I dialed,
because I sincerely believe, that without you,
I would've never got to hold my miracle child.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002
Jennifer kindly replied:
Hi Allen! This is the perfect one! There is only some minor changes to be made.
I do not mind if you publish this. Let me know when so that I can print it off for Tyler's baby book.  Do you publish these in a book of your own? Let me know.
Thank you so much for this, you truly put my words together.


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