Kathy wrote:
My best friend is getting married Oct. 10 1998.....this is her first ....she
means so much to me, I can't put it into words. We have known each other
since we were baby's....My parents moved me out of state when I was 16 but we have always remained close and best friends....She has been the one constant in my life... she has been my rock through some very hard times.....we are in are late 30's.....I am so happy that she has finally found the man of her dreams..
Here is some more info
Her name (brides) Susan
grooms name David

Thank you
Kathy aka Ladie Loon

You have been my rock
through some very hard times.
You have been my final word
in all my desperate rhymes.
You have been the wind
behind my billowing sails.
You have been a patient ear,
listening to my tragic tales.
You have been my best friend,
you've made my life worth while.
You have always been there for me,
have always had a patient smile.
You have been the one constant,
that has been there through my life,
and now you'll make David so happy,
when you become his wife.
And this won't be like the first time,
when you borrowed my communion veil.
Does David know that you are already married ?
That would make an interesting tale !
Seriously, it makes me so happy,
you've found the man in your dream.
Everyone can see you are made for each other,
and that you are truly a winning team.
I've got one last thing on my mind,
and in case you haven't heard,
I wanted to say "You're so special",
(if only I could find the word.)

Copyright Allen Jesson 1998
Kathy kindly replied:
The poem is beautiful, thankyou so much....please go ahead and tell
my story and post the poem...no need to change names.....I too would like to add it to my web site...if you need anymore info for the story just let me know
Ladie Loon's Page
Kathy :)

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