The Steely Dan Plan - Dance plans for the new father



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Full Name:             Tracey Clere                                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: My wonderful husband, Scott, MY SOUL MATE!                  

do you want the poem written ?:
We are expecting our first child on Dec 5th after 5 years of trying and seeing two specialist. Ironically, this happened all on its own. We are truly blessed that this could happen to us. 

Key Messages:          How everything we have been through and all the time that we have waiting while all our friends started their families that it is our time now to start ours. That all our love has created this very special life growing inside me. We are truly blessed.

Memorable Moments:     We got married on Sept 21, 1996 in Pa. We honeymooned on Captiva Island in Florida. We decided when we got back we were going to move to Florida. So, we quit are jobs, packed up a ryder truck and bid our families and friends good-bye to start our journey in mid December 96. Poor planning on our part, we got down here had no place to stay, no jobs and knew no one. However in a weeks time, just in time to turn in our rental truck, we found jobs and a place and even bought a dog. It was the best decision we ever made, we have been here 7 years now and we haven't looked back. We are now building our second home. Hope it is done before the baby comes.

When my husband and I were dating in Pa he would take me to all these places he wanted to share with me, places he had been, and he would tell me how he saw them through his eyes. I fell in love with him, he is such a wonderful, incredibly giving husband, I couldn't ask for anything more. I look forward to him doing that with our baby.

As I mentioned early we bought a dog, Bear, when we moved down here, we weren't even suppose to have a dog in our apartment. He was my most precious, my husband worked a lot on weekends at the time to make ends meet and I had Bear with me all the time, took him everywhere, unfortunately, he died about a year and half ago rather suddenly of canine lymphoma, he just turned five. That really destroyed me, I was depressed for months. Even though it was a tremendous loss for my husband he really helped me through it! It was right after Sept 11th, and I had given Scott a pin of a guardian angel. When we found out Bear was sick, he put it on his dog collar, it really brought me to tears. His time ran out, he died two weeks later. We had another dog that had a difficult time adjusting, so we got her a puppy. They get along great.

One more: I love to cook, not lately, being sick, but when I do, he calls me "Messy Marvin" I make a terrible mess in the kitchen. Well one time in an effort to try not to, I was beating something in a bowl with the hand mixer and I put a towel over the bowl so the ingriedients wouldn't get all over the place. Well, I turned to look at him while he was talking and the towel got all wrapped up in the mixer blades in a matter of seconds, it was pretty hilarious. We still laugh about it!!

I hope even though we have our baby we still have time to dance in the kitchen to Steely Dan. 

Other Comments:        I want my husband to know how much I love him and how I wish his father could be here to see his first born. He would be so proud of Scott! (he lost his father when he was 20, he is 32 now.)

Style:                 Happy and Romantic, would be nice if he shed a tear or two. 

Package Type:          Deluxe                                                      

Last thoughts:         Well that is all I can think of. I did go onto pay pal and send my money to Allen, however, I also had paypal transfer the money this morning. It should be there in a few days. I paid in full, minus the 12% so as not to delay.  It is a great thing you have going, I even referred you to someone already. This is for Father's Day, I know I am cutting it close, but like I said, I didn't find you until yesterday. Thanks so much!!!



The Steely Dan Plan

When soul-mates go a traveling,
it's wonderful how far they can get,
and I know our story is just beginning,
there's an old saying - you ain't seen anything yet!

And if my love for you was a distance,
then it would be further than the furthest star,
and I just wanted to say these words,
and tell you just how wonderful you really are.

You see, you are in truth, my soul-mate,
my one and only, my pure and true love,
I feel like I've been blessed to have you in my life,
I feel like I've been blessed from the heaven's above.

And December will be such a magical month,
it'll be when our love literally becomes personified,
and I know I couldn't have picked a better father,
I couldn't - even if I'd tried.

And our little bundle took it's time,
but all good things come to those who wait,
and it feels special, our love growing inside,
especially when that love is the love of your soul-mate.

And we've found our happiness in Florida,
although we found our hills to climb,
just know that I'm very proud of you,
and will love you until the end of time.

Everyone thought we were crazy
we arrived here with no place to stay,
chances of survival seemed grim
but with sheer determination we found a way.

And it's been the best decision we've ever made,
we've been here 7 years now and the pioneer spirit in us thrives,
and you're now building our second home,
(I just hope it's ready for when our baby arrives).

When we were dating in PA,
you showed me the places that were closest to your heart,
you would tell me how you saw them through your eyes,
and that's when our love got off to a memorable start.

Because that's when I first fell in love with you,
and ever since, you've continued to be that giving,
you make this world a better place,
and you make my life all the better for living.

I literally could not ask for more in a man,
you are my best friend and you're a wonderful lover,
and I tell you, right here and right now,
darling, there will never, ever be another.

Because you've touched me in places,
in places that have made my soul soar,
and I wanted you to know that I love you,
that's really what these words are for.

I look forward to sharing the baby with you (and Britt and Zion),
it's incredible, our love has created another life,
and I know you'll be a very giving father,
because you've already given so much to your wife.

You are so very talented,
in more ways than one, you're skilful with your hands,
and you've given me your love, your heart,
and an ear that always understands.

And as you know, Bear was precious to me,
and he came on this earth to fill my gap within,
and when we lost him you helped me through it,
you loved me, you supported me, you showed me where to begin.

And that guardian angel is now looking out for us,
he knew that Bear had played his role,
and we will be a complete family once again,
and once again, I'll feel completely whole.

And I know I can be "Messy Marvin",
but you know I just love to cook,
and the next time I've got the towel over the mixer,
I promise you, I won't even give you a second look.

And I do have one last hope,
in fact, it's not a hope, it's my sincerest plan,
I want us to become "Three peas in a pod",
and I still want to dance with you in the kitchen to Steely Dan.

And I wish your father could see your first born,
but who knows? I'm sure he'll be watching from on high,
and if by chance, it starts to rain,
then we'll know he's having a bit of a cry.

Because I know he'd be proud of you,
proud of what you do and who you've become,
just know that I love you with all my heart,
all my love (from one very proud Mom).

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003

We went to a couple of drafts, this what Tracey kindly said when she had signed off on the final draft:


Hello Allen,

No problem, I thought maybe you didn't work weekends, lol.....

Anyway, I liked most of your changes and I did make some changes of my own as well. And I think it is fantastic and ready to be completed. You really do wonderful work. My parents 40th Anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and I may be using my
(FREE) economy package sooner rather than later... I will let you know...

The changes I made are in paragraph 7 (changed first and third line), 8 (two words; it's and added now), 14 changed good to skillful and 18 changed 3 musketeers, to three peas in a pod - thought this sounded better since it is in the kitchen, veggies...

Well I think that is it, I decided not to go with the parchment style paper, since the poem is lengthy, I think it needs a design on the paper. So, I would like it printed on the Beach at Sunset style that you offer (Which actually is perfect, since he proposed on July 4th on the beach). I would love it if you autographed it too, can you just sign it, and not put the web
address on it?? Let me know. Also, would absolutely love to have the drafts... 

I truly can't believe how you captured how I really feel about him with all the tid-bits I have given you and made it come to fruition.  It is unbelievable. I love it!! And I thank you for making it happen... It is the best gift I think I will ever give him...