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 Whether for your partner or for your parents, an anniversary poem will make the day an unforgettable experience.


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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Stacy was going to be celebrating her third anniversary and wanted something special for her partner, Kris. Stacy has kindly given her permission for her poem and

story to be published)


Stable Mates


What is your name: Stacy

Who do you want the poem written for: Kris - significant other/lifetime partner

Why do you want the poem written: 3rd anniversary

What are the key messages you would like to send: She is my rock, I am very much in love with her, I want to thank her for being so patient with me while I am in a growing process, thanking her for encouragement, love and commitment. Thank her for being my lover and best friend. Thank her for being the wind beneath my wings in career, school, and personal life. Thank her for waiting for me to grow up. I wouldn't have been able to do the things I have without her encouragement. Apologize for being so hard-headed at times.

Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: Funny nicknames - Cakie pie, Pooh bear. I am piglet., Tin Man. The first time she kissed me, my knees buckled and I totally froze. From then on she has called me tin man. Lucky for me, she kissed me again. Romantic moment...that 2nd kiss lasted 4 hours while the Moody Blues was playing in the background.
After a recent surgery, she was on pain killers, and said she wanted to "tap dance." So, she proceeded to get out of bed and attempt to tap dance, still hooked up to IV's. It was funny.
Romantic moments - Dancing under the stars on our deck; While she was in the hospital we were having a snowstorm. So in the middle of the night we got up and walked around to an empty room with a window, and just stood there together, arm in arm, in the quietness of the snowstorm, gazing out the window.
More funny memories - while in the hospital and on pain meds, she was singing commercial advertisement jingles.

Do you have any other comments or thoughts: She has been through a lot with me, and her family. The passing of her father two years ago, and the stress of taking care of her mother 1000 miles away and now her mom has moved in with us. Kris is a wonderful person, and goes above and beyond to make sure everybody is taken care of...so much so that she puts herself last.  Her personality is multi-faceted. She is very playful, generous, sexy and kind. But she can be very serious and determined.
Favorite past times - snuggling up with each other. The best place I like to be is in her arms.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): romantic

Please choose which package you would prefer: Deluxe

Do you have any last comments or thoughts: Previously, I had requested the card with the rose and two horses in the background either grazing, or running in the fields. We are both horse fanatics, except I ride english and she rides western - barrel racing. But two horses running in the fields or grazing together would be sufficient on the card if you can do that. Something that would resemble us. She was born and raised in the country - we have different upbringings, but have managed to come together.




Stable Mates


Kris, I wanted to tell a few things,

and some of these may come as a shock,

but I wanted to thank you for your patience,

you’ve been magnificent, you’ve been my rock.


It has taken me a while to grow,

I guess I’ve been like some reluctant flower,

but you’ve encouraged and nurtured me,

every week, every day, every single hour.


I’d like to thank you for your commitment,

because of that, you and destiny are my stable mates,

you’ve given me the confidence to be myself,

you’ve helped me to steer the wind of fates.


You’ve also been the wind beneath my wings,

in my career, school and my personal life,

and I just wanted to say thank you for being you,

I’m very proud to call you my wife.


Thanks for waiting for me to grow up,

thanks for being my love, my best friend,

and I know I will love you beyond forever,

long after our earthbound journeys have their end.


I’m sorry if I’ve been stubborn at times,

look, I know this mule should wear a different hat,

but in the meantime, please accept my apology,

because I’m sorry, and it is as simple as that.


Cakie Pie, Pooh Bear, Piglet, Tin Man,

there’s a lot of love in each and every name,

the first time you kissed me, my knees buckled,

but this Tin Man’s glad there was a second time, all the same.


Actually, that second kiss lasted for four hours,

the Moody Blues were playing in the background,

and I’m so glad that wasn’t our last kiss,

because it’s genuine happiness that we’ve found.


Now, I know it hasn’t always been easy.

but life is never a rose filled dream,

but through it all, we’ve stuck together,

we’ve proved to the world, we truly are a team.


We’ve danced under the stars on our deck,

and you’ve tap danced still hooked up to an IV,

and in the middle of the night we’ve got up,

watched a snowstorm, arm in arm, just you and me.


You’ve been through a lot with me and your family,

sadly, two years ago, your Dad passed away,

and you had to care for your Mom from a distance,

and that one line leaves so much to say.


Because it really describes you to a tee,

“yourself” is always the last person on your mind,

you’re multi-talented and multi-faceted,

playful, generous, serious, determined, sexy and kind.


And I know our favorite pastime,

(I’ll admit to falling for your beguiling charms),

but I love it when we snuggle up with each other,

the best place in the world is in your arms.


And we’re like two horses in a paddock,

one suburban, one country, happily grazing side by side,

and I know I couldn’t have picked a stabler stable mate,

I know I couldn’t – even if I’d tried.


And I just wanted to say “I love you”,

I’ve never really said just how wonderful you are,

but if my love for you were a distance,

then it would be further than the furthest star.


I also wanted to say Happy 3rd Anniversary,

I guess that's really what these words are for,

here's to you, Kris, you're truly wonderful,

and here's to our everlasting love, for evermore.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004


To be honest, we went an extra yard with this one (regarding the horse pictures etc.). This was

Stacy's kind reply;


"Allen - I just wanted to thank you and your staff for going though the trouble of using my own picture and using it underneath my poem. Beth and Shelley are great and very creative. I will recommend you all highly to all my friends and family. I know a lot of people that will be wanting to do the same kind of thing for their loved ones. I will recommend to them that they utilize your services and nobody else's!

Please let me know if there are any extra charges for the extra time spent to make my gift so special. (There weren't. Ed.)

Stacy L. Jones


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