A song can get inside of you. One line can say it all. Especially if it's your song.


What A Life It Is (Female vocals)

Sung by Leslie Wright


A Gift of Harmony is the ultimate romantic gift and perfect for proposals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas and other special occasions.


Just imagine for one moment; you've enjoyed a candlelit dinner with your partner, you've read your poem and tears have been shed. You then put the music on, and it is your song that is playing. Your song, that relates to your poem, saying everything

that you've always wanted to say.



How it Works:


Full time poet, Allen Jesson and professional singer songwriter, Leslie Wright, have combined their creative talents to offer this unique service,

just for you (and your song).


Your song, your words, your melody, guaranteed

to be uniquely written and recorded. All you need

to do is tell us what you would like to say

and we will do the rest.


Maybe you'd like to say "I love you," "I miss you," "thank you" or "I'm sorry"?


Or do you have another important message

that you'd like to send?


You are involved in every step of the creation process so you will have plenty of opportunity for input. The good news is that you do not need any special musical or literary skills to participate.


Allen Jesson


Singer Songwriter

Leslie Wright



How To Order Your Song:



1. Simply tell us why and who you want your song written for.

You do that by completing the form here:





2. After you have placed your refundable deposit, Allen Jesson will then

complete the first draft of your poem within 48 hours.


3. You will probably want a line or two changed. We keep redrafting until you are totally happy with the outcome. You have unlimited redrafts.


You will receive your

first draft via e-mail

and once finalized,...

...your poem is

presented as a

  'frame-ready' print...

and in a hand-made

card of your choice...

...and finished with a quality gift box


4. The poem is professionally presented (see above) and the final draft is then

passed onto Leslie for the musical composition. It should be noted that

only part of the poem may eventually end up in the lyrics.


5. Within 7 days Leslie will send to you, via e-mail, a selected mp3 clip (usually the chorus) of your song.  If you have not paid the full balance, you will be asked to

send your final payment at this point.


6. Once the balance has been received, Leslie will send you the full version mp3 of your song, including the lyrics, via email for your approval.


7. Once you have received the mp3, it is at this stage where the final decisions

are made with regard to the song. Do you like the melody? The chorus?

The lyrics? The harmony? Is this your song?


8. After making any requested changes and gaining your final approval,

the studio time is booked and your song will go into full production.

Finally, the finishing touches are then added (mixing, mastering, etc.).


Leslie recording in her studio, October 2004


9. Within 5 days, your song will be completed and burned onto a custom printed CD. 


10. Your song is then shipped, along with your poem, original drafts and any of the additional options that you may have chosen. You will receive the following,

delivered by express courier:


You can own a share

of the Copyright

  • Your song, recorded on CD

  • Custom printed CD cover

  • Copy of the music and lyrics

  • Any handwritten drafts and notations

  • Your poem, printed as a 'frame-ready' print

  • Your poem, presented in a hand-made card and gift box

  • Your copy of the Copyright submission



Bespoke CD


Music and




Frame Ready




Certificate of




  • You can also receive optional EXTRAS such as:

    • The backing track, recorded on CD (great for Karaoke)

    • Additional copies of your CD

    • Special CD Printing

    • Male vocals instead of female vocals

    • Acoustic guitar instead of piano

    • 33% of the writer's share of royalties

    • Professional "radio ready" recording

Please click here to order your song or here for more information.


Alternatively, please send Allen an e-mail for more information.


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Songwriters of Your Song