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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Dotty was going to be holding a surprise party and wanted something special for her husband, David. Dotty has kindly given her permission for her poem and

story to be published)


So  is  Mine


What is your name: Dorothy (Dotty) Crowley

Who do you want the poem written for: my husband David Crowley

Why do you want the poem written: Celebrating my husband's 60th birthday on August 20 at a surprise party

What are the key messages you would like to send: To thank him for the best year's of my life and to salute his kindness and generosity and love.  We have only been married 7 years and before we married, I was a divorced, working, single mom for 20 years.  He is a wonderful father and father-in-law to his 2 sons from a previous marriage, Keith and Ryan and their wives Chris and Heather (also grandfather to Niko and Tianna and step-grandfather to Jackie, Mikey and Jacob) and has embraced my 3 daughters, Lori, Michelle and Tami as his own.  He is also a wonderful son to his mother, Catherine and brother to Dan, both from Florida.
Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: David is a man of strong conviction and he is a great debator.  Sometimes our debates turn into lectures from him (I can't get a word in edgewise!)

The first time David took me away overnight was on a camping trip.  Now I'm about as outdoorsy as Queen Elizabeth so you know it had to be love for me to agree to do this.  Was he trying to impress me?!!!  Anyway, to get to Bar Harbor from our home is quite a long drive so the plan was to stay at a motel for the first night.  Great idea, but David neglected to make a reservation!  Nothing was available so we slept in the car (we called it the Hotel LeSabre).  Actually, the camping trip turned out wonderful as we had good weather (I'm a fair weather camper)!  He's made up for it many times over because since we have traveled to Ireland, England, Spain, Southern France, Italy, Hawaii and Alaska to name a few.  

David and I have a number of things in common.  His birth date is August 15 and so is mine (I'm MUCH younger!  2years).  His dad's name was Harold (he passed away a few years ago) and so was mine.  The dog he had as a child was named Skippy and mine was Skipper.  I also tell him that I know I met him years ago when I was on my 6th grade field trip to an amusement park (Canobie Lake) because a group of us met with some local boys and the one that I went into the fun house with was named David and his birthday was the same as mine. I tease him that it took him all these years to finally get together with me. Was it destiny?

Do you have any other comments or thoughts: David is obsessed with golf and has improved so much over the last few years.  When he first started playing, he was, to say the least, a little SLOW and of course, the rules did not apply to him!  He dislikes rules...does not like to be told what to do.

He also loves tennis and skiing.  Tennis has taken a backseat to golf, though.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): happy, funny

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So  is  Mine
 Family and friends ,
can I have your attention please?
Because every now and then in life,
there's opportunity you should seize.
And that moment is upon us,
because 60 years ago, David had his birth day,
and I've got some thoughts on my mind,
yes, there's some heartfelt words that I need to say:
Firstly, I'd like to begin by saying "I love you",
I'd like to thank you for the best years of my life,
I'd like to salute your kindness, generosity and love,
I'm very proud to be called "your wife".
Before we were married I was a divorced single Mom,
and I'd been that way for nigh on twenty years,
I'd persevered  through life, mostly on my own,
and yes, there were some heartaches, some tears.
But all that changed when David came along,
and the clouds went away and the sun came out,
and as a husband, a father, a step dad, a father-in-law, a son,
well, he's taught us all what love is really about.
He's a man of strong conviction,
and no jokes please, he likes to debate,
actually, sometimes they turn into lectures,
(I know what to say but always too late).
The first time David took me away we went camping,
I'm not the outdoorsy type (so I knew it was love),
and although the first night we stayed in the Hotel le Sabre,
the camping was wonderful (with clear skies above).
He's made up for it since then,
because we've really had our sails unfurled,
Ireland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Hawaii and Alaska,
we're starting to explore other camp sites around the world.
David and I have a number of things in common,
his birth date is August 15 (and so is mine),
however, for the record, I am much younger,
and there's just a hint of melancholy in the very next line.  
His Dad's name was Harold (so was mine),
Skippy was his and Skipper was my childhood pet,
and David once took me into the fun house at Canobie Lake,
in the 6th grade, so it's destiny that once again, we've met.
David plays tennis  but  is obsessed with golf,
although the rules don't apply to him (only me),
and when he first started he was a little S-L-O-W,
but now he gets around  fairly  speed-i-ly.  
But seriously, David, I really love you,
I've never told you just how wonderful you are,
but if my love for you were a distance,
then it would be further than the furthest star.
And I just wanted to say Happy 60th Birthday,
but I thought I'd save that until the very last line,
and  now your hand  is  holding the hand of the one you love,
 and  let me tell you, guess what? So  is  mine!
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004


Dotty kindly replied:

Hello Allen,

Thanks for the first draft; it is really outstanding.  The only thing in question is the very last portion:  "and if your hand was holding the had of the one you love, well, let me tell you, guess what?  So was mine!" 

  I would like it to say something like "and now your hand is holding the hand of the one you love, and let me tell you guess what?  So is mine!"   I don't care for the "if". 

 I've marked  a few other places below. (All changed in the 2nd draft. ED)

 Thanks again, Dotty Crowley

We had a close call with delivery but Dotty then said;

Dear Allen,

Yes, Beth did send me the shipping details and I just now received my package from our mail room!  Thank you , thank you, thank you.  I am surely relieved.  The package and presentation is beautiful and despite the close call, I am extremely pleased.

 All the best, Dotty Crowley


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