Simon is an old school friend who met Ceri while at University at
Bristol. Ceri is a primary school teacher, Simon some sort of manufacturing engineer (he does makes parts for cars).

They've been together 5 years - Simon has a new job back in his home
town of Swindon (they currently live in a god forsaken place called
Milton Keynes).

I want the poem written to mark their commitment to each other. I am
doing a reading at the wedding and would like it to be a personal
message of good luck and best wishes to them. It needs to have a
contemporary voice - preferably cheeky and irreverent.

I am 24 years old. I work in Marketing for a large Private Bank. I'm
single minded, determined and career focused. I will NOT be getting
married for a good while yet but certainly wish them all the best.

Simon can't handle his beer and is notoriously reticent - getting a
single word out of him can be a mammoth task!!!

Ceri is lively (if a little overpowering and bossy at times) and chatty.
She (certainly publicly) wears the pants in their household! Ceri is of
Welsh heritage and is proud of her Celtic roots. All they have done over the last year is talk about the wedding - God
knows what they'll talk about afterwards.

Difficult to think about embarrassing moments for them as a couple - I
can think of plenty for Simon on his own. They usually involve copious
amounts of alcohol and less than attractive women - not sure if that's

Do you need any more details?

Simon and Ceri


Ladies and Gentlemen please,

and I don't mean to start a riot,

but I do have a story to tell,

and I will need a little quiet.


Hello, my name is Scott,

Simon is my old school friend,

that's where some stories begin,

and other journeys end.


With a little bit of luck,

and just a dash of tenacity,

Simon met and fell for Ceri,

they were at University.


They've been together for five years,

they now know what true love means,

because they have put up with each other,

and they've survived Milton Keynes !


Simon is notoriously reticent,

and we all know he can't handle his beer,

but boy there are some stories I could tell,

and I will - but not now and not here !


Ceri is a lively girl,

a little overpowering and the boss,

you know who wears the trousers,

you know who won the toss !


Ceri is of Welsh heritage,

and is proud of her Celtic roots,

she wears daffodils in her hair,

and has got leeks in her boots !


They won't talk much when they get home,

and that really is my only fear,

because there's nothing left to say,

after talking about this bloody wedding all year !




But all the talk has been worth it,

we've had such a lovely time,

and you two are magic together,

you've simply made these words rhyme.


And I just want to wish you good luck,

That is what I really want to say,

and that you do make a lovely couple,

and I'm proud to be here on your wedding day.


The Bride and Groom !


 Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000

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