Shining Examples - To Us All

Full Name :    Dee Ashworth
Who do you want the poem written for?   My Grandparents, Thelma and Emerson Putnam
Why do you want the poem written?   To be read at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party on Feb. 22, 2003; as a gift from their children and  grandchildren. 
 Key Messages: Based on the strong qualities they have taught us taught us through the years.  When I think of my Grandparents I think of the following......
               Integrity:  I can't remember a time when a lie was told, or a debt not paid.
               Faith:  Incredible, unquestionable faith in God; that is absorbed by everyone  who they touch.
               Forgiveness:  Willing to overlook others shortcomings, to maintain strengthen relationships.
                Commitment: To their family, and each other.
 Memorable Moments   
Thelma has a reputation for being sort of a "klutz."  Her knees were
weakened by a car accident and she has taken numerous spills over
the years.  Once she nearly cut off her finger on a wire cart  when  she tripped over the sidewalk.    We all want to know if these 

little "accidents" had anything to do with them buying a house that was literally, a walk across the parking lot, to a community hospital!  Most recently Thelma tripped on the church stairs and broke her help, we are all so thankful she has completely recovered.
*Bud recently had cataracts removed and had to put up with a whole lot
  of harassment...that Thelma had finally had enough, and gave him a
  beauty of a shiner!
*Bud has eaten a bowl of Cream of Wheat every morning for the past
  50 years!  Whenever they vacation, Thelma packs it for him in his
*Thelma and Bud always work as a team, for instance, whenever Bud
  can't get the car started, Thelma just walks out and starts it right up!
*Thelma had pitch black hair for the first 75 years of her life.  No gray
  without using hair dye!  This has been a problem since her daughter
  turned gray 20 years before she did!  Many through the years thought
  they were sisters.  PS, I (her granddaughter) dye my gray to avoid
  being put counted in as a sister!
*Thelma, having prayed for years that her son Ray would find a new
  wife finally gave up and decided she would take "the lord helps those
  who help themselves" into her own hands.  She set up a blind date
  for her 50 year old divorced son with a neighbor -- they were married
  six months later!
*Bud is a high school sports enthusiast.  You will find him every football
  Friday in his seat in the stands rooting on the Piqua Indians, for the
  past 60+ years!  He also supports basketball, baseball, and girls
  fast pitch.
 Other Comments:      I thought I would share some background with you, so you
 can get to know my grandparents through our eyes.....
 Thelma and Emerson "Bud" Putnam were married Feb. 20, 1953.  I know
 that Thelma feels God answered her prayers by sending her Bud; and he feels it was the best day of his life.  This was a second marriage for both of them.  From previous marriages she brought a daughter, Dixie, who was 14; he brought two sons Richard who was 3, and Ray who was 2.   A year later they added a son together, Ron.   She was primarily a housewife, he worked and retired from a factory.  They were both actively involved with the kids, taking them fishing, and picnicking.  He coached Little League when the boys played baseball.  Thelma was always busy sewing, tending flowers and plants, and making things for her home and family.
          They both value family.  They are very supportive of their grown children, and always willing to lend a hand.  They have seven grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren.  They share their anniversary date with Grandson Ben, who was married on the same date in 1999.  For several years they traveled, and spent a week a month taking care of her elderly mother, so she could live out her life in her home, and not have to be placed in a nursing home.  Thelma is the family organizer.
 She plans all the clan gatherings, and reunions.   (She is not at all happy that we are not letting her help plan this event!)  And talk about, "all in the family".... her daughter married his youngest brother!  This means Mother and Daughter shared the same Mother-In-Law!  (and we don't even live in Kentucky!)
         Both have an incredible, undying faith in God.  They attend church services several times per week, and belong to a prayer cell.  The line, "you gave me faith, because you believed" certainly applies to them.  We all have absorbed faith, through their example.  They turn to the lord time and time again, in good and bad times.  One "bad" time, was when Thelma and the boys were in a serious car accident.  As they lay waiting for the ambulance to take them to the hospital, Thelma, with serious injuries herself, reached out for her sons and encouraged them to pray.  She knew God would hear, and take care of them.  It is this extreme faith that led their youngest son into the seminary, and to pursue a career as a minister.  Thelma taught bible school, Sunday school to preschoolers, and gave weekly services at a local nursing home for years.  Bud also supported the church, and could always be found standing over a hot fire pit flipping chicken for the First Church of Gods annual Fourth of July Chicken Dinner Sale.  Thelma always did her part at this event as well, manning the pie booth ---- watching her Mother-In-Laws pies sell out by the dozen!
        The homes that the "kids" grew up in have long since been demolished.  But, Bud and Thelma remain permanent "fixtures" in their family and community.  Their love and faith is truly a blessing for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
 Style:        Happy, Touching, with some Humor.
 Package Type:   Unique......I found your buried treasure!
 Last Thoughts:   I know I gave you a lot of information, I just hope you can
                            make some sense out of it!

Shining Examples
You are simply two very special people
and your special-ness shines so very bright,
you've been our inspiration, our grounding rock,
in every way, you've been our shining light.
 Thelma has a reputation for being sort of a "klutz",
unfortunately the car accident weakened her knees
now her "trips" include the sidewalk and the church stairs
and they once lived close to the hospital just to keep down the fees.
Bud's had problems of his own,
his eyes no longer saw what they used to see,
after the operation Thelma gave him a shiner,
(just to make sure that they were aligned perfectly).
Unfortunately, Bud has some dreadful addictions
and boy, you should watch him eat,
every morning, for fifty years,
Bud has eaten a bowl of Cream of Wheat.
Thelma and Bud always work as a team,
especially, when the car refuses to start,
Bud gives up, Thelma gets it going,
perfect team players - joined at the heart.
Thelma's hair was pitch black for seventy five years,
we swear, there was never an ounce of dye,
daughter and granddaughter would have liked these genes,
but there are some things you just can't buy.
Thelma, prayed for years that Ray would marry again,
of course, we know the Lord understands,
so she set up a blind date with a neighbor,
"the Lord helps those with Thelma's helping hands".
Bud is a high school sports enthusiast,
every football Friday you'll find him there in his seat,
rooting for the Piqua Indians
and making the home quarter back faster on his feet.
Surprisingly, this was the second marriage for both of them,
but I know that Thelma thought that Bud answered her prayers,
Bud feels it was the best day of his life
and that's a thought that he frequently shares.
They have such very fine qualities,
qualities that simply can't be bought
and they've passed these onto their offspring
and we're very grateful for all the lessons that they've taught.
When we think of our grandparents,
these thoughts come to mind,
we think they are just marvelous
and both so incredibly kind.
Integrity is their watch word,
we can't remember a lie or a debt not paid,
their faith in God is unquestionable
and that's the way it has always stayed.
They are both very forgiving
and willing to overlook shortcomings in others,
their words of advice have been treasured,
by friends, cousins, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers.
They are so committed to one another,
that commitment extends beyond the family,
they have room in their hearts for everyone,
for him, her, you and me.
Over the years we've kept it "all in the family",
mother and daughter share the same mother-in-law
and, we just wanted to say thank you Bud and Thelma,
that's really what these words are for.
Because "you gave us faith, because you believed"
and that faith has been passed to many here today,
we know that God hears and listens to you,
because you both are shining examples of His way.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
     Thanks for the rewrite --  it's perfect!
                                            Dee Ashworth"
Emerson and Thelma Putnam