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Please find below an example of what can be achieved. My thanks to Ruth for letting me share

her story. God bless.


My Other Shoe - A Love Story

Full Name:             Ruth and Levi Lohman                                     

Who do you want the poem written for?: About my husband (Dwayne) for my little boy (Levi)          

Why do you want the poem written ?: The third anniversary of his death is coming up. I haven't been able to express in words what his death has done to us.  Dwayne was 39 and died on his Harley one beautiful morning.  He didn't suffer too long and we are grateful for that.  Our little boy was three at the time and here is now six.  I want something for him to read that shows him how much his daddy loved him.  I have never expressed it quite as well as a poem does.  I have read your work, and I would really appreciate it if you could write me something.

Key Messages:          He was loved by so many.  He was the smartest, funniest, easy going guy I have ever met.  He loved riding his bikes as much as he loved us.  He worked so hard to build us a new home, (which he never got to live in) with lots of trees and wildlife.  

Memorable Moments:     He had an attitude where nothing was that bad.  He never worried about anything.  He made more people laugh with his funny sayings, poems, and his songs.  His friends comment that they miss his funny sayings.  Some were such that you couldn't say around my little boy.  He love Red Skeleton.  He once read where Red would write his wife a poem every morning for all the years they were married.  He was frugal.  He believed in not buying new!  He would always fix it or find it for less than what it would originally sell for.  Dwayne like himself. He was so confident.  He never got jealous, or thought he was doing bad at something.  He would look at himself in the morning in the mirror and say, "I get better looking every day, and it is almost tomorrow".  He was a big guy with so much love for his little boy.  He was well-known as a welder in our community. Everyone knew him and liked him.  

Other Comments:        Last night I told my little boy about why I married him.
I told him that Dwayne was my other pair of shoe.  You know you have two shoes that go together and that is the only shoe you can wear with the other one.  That is what he was to me.  My other shoe.  Oh man, I miss him.  And so does the rest of his family and friends.  He loved the outdoors and and especially the rain.  I hope this is enough.  Thank you, this helped me in some way.  

Style:                 Happy with a little sad.  It is for my little boy.       

Package Type:          Deluxe                                                   

Last thoughts:         If he had to pick a way to go, this was the way.  When
ever I hear a Harley I think of him and his love of riding.  He was my best

Sincerely, Ruth 


My Other Shoe


 Hello, my wonderful husband,

the world knew you as Dwayne,

but you were my other shoe,

and I'll never have a love like yours again.


You see, you were such a beautiful person,

beautiful on the in and the out,

you taught me some valuable life lessons,

you taught me what love was all about.


And now I miss you so very much,

it hurts me way deep inside,

I've cried my river, I've cried my lake

and then still, I've cried and cried.


I loved you with all my heart,

I loved you with all my soul,

and now that you've left me,

I no longer feel completely whole.


Levi was only 3 when you left,

and that little boy misses you so,

last night I explained why we got married,

and this is something the world needs to know:


You know when you have two shoes that go together,

so that's the only shoe you can wear with the other one,

that is what you were to me, my other shoe,

and that's exactly what I told our son.


I know you loved our boy so very much,

and when he was born you were immensely proud,

you wanted to tell the world how happy you were,

 I think you would've sung from the roof-tops (if allowed).


You were loved by so many,

the smartest, funniest guy I've ever met,

you were easy going, an easy rider,

never owed anybody anything, never in debt.


Because you had an attitude where it was never that bad,

you never worried about a single thing,

you made more people laugh with your poems and sayings,

and everybody just loved to hear you sing.


You were not quite as prolific as Red,

but I could tell that you loved me every day,

and now I miss everything you do,

I miss everything I've ever heard you say.


“I get better looking everyday, and it's almost tomorrow”,

you didn't need a mirror, mirror on the wall,

because you liked yourself, you were confident,

you never had any fears at all.


You were never jealous, never any doubts,

a big guy, with lots of love for his boy,

I know you loved him more than the moon and stars,

I truly know he was your pride and joy.


And it's tragic you left so early,

but maybe heaven had another plan,

I've heard they need good people up there,

and I know, there'll never be a finer man.


And if you'd chosen the way to go,

you would've preferred not to have any warning,

you'd want to be happy with a heart full of love,

riding your Harley on one beautiful morning.


And that's exactly how you went,

happy, loved, whistling and carefree,

and we're lucky to have shared our time,

you made the world a better place to be.


And we'll look after your memory,

everyday, we'll hold you close to our heart,

because you are still very much a part of us,

and it's such a loving, happy and wonderful part.


So keep riding your Harley for me,

and one day, I'll be riding pillion with you,

and in the meantime, just know that you're loved,

in fact, I'll love you forever, my other shoe.

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003



"Thank you for making this Memorial Day special for me.  What a perfect gift you have given us.  I try to put in words just what you wrote about, but it always seems less than what I mean to express.  You have done that for me without even meeting my husband and me.  I would not change a thing with the poem.  I cannot be any happier with it.  I liked all of it but especially the title and theme of the poem.  I really enjoyed the part about heaven needing a man like him.  That is how we get through his loss.  That God needed him more than we did.  You can put our story on your web site and there is no need to change our names.  I think I will probably have this put in our local paper


Thank you,

Ruth and Levi"


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