My parents will have been married 50 years on February 8, 2000.
We are having a reception for them on February 6.  I would like
the poem by the end of January if possible due to cancer in my family (hit us hard one year - my brother, my
husband, & myself - my husband did not survive).

   Parents names:   Ray Fry  74 &  Dorris Pointer Fry 67
Childrens names:   Mike 42, Amy 39(me),  & Susan 33
     Grandchildren:  Mike's - Christy 22, Damon 20, Robbi (died at 5 weeks),Jennifer 11, & Jamie 8
    Amy's - Jessica 16 & Melinda 12
  Susan's - Amanda 16 & Faith 11
Great Grandchild: Amanda's - Marc 2 months

Ray:  Born in Ohio - May 27, 1925 - Farmer, carpenter, welder, hospital
           maintenance man (present), father

Dorris:  Born in Marlin, Texas - December 5, 1932 - housewife, farmer's  wife (which includes just about everything), mother

Ray & Dorris: Met while he was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas
                        Moved to Montpelier, Ohio - lived on farm
                        Moved to Hamilton, Texas in 1968

My parents are the best - my friends (even now) always said
that they wish their parents were more like mine.  No matter
what, they were & still are here for us whenever we need them
(which is always).

My husband died about 7 years ago & we live next door to my
parents. I do not know what I would have done without them. I
work at the elementary school library as an aide & have a hard
time raising my girls. My parents are always here to lend a helping
hand.  I reciprocate by helping them as much as possible, cleaning
their house, running errands, going grocery shopping, etc.  Busy,
busy, busy...

My father is still working full-time as maintenance man at the
hospital in Clifton, Texas.  We moved from Hamilton to Clifton
so he could help build the hospital.  Now he works there...
The great grandson & four of the grandchildren were born
in the hospital - you could say it is a big part of our lives.
He has worked HARD all his life & even when he is not at
the hospital, he is working somewhere, doing something
for someone.  Favorite singer/performer:  Boxcar Willie (deceased)
They both loved going to Branson Missouri to see him &
several others.

My mother was always there to fix cookies or sandwiches,
whatever we needed for school parties, etc.  It did not matter
if she only had an hour or a couple of days to fix something,
she always had it when we needed it.  She has some medical
problems & can only get around with the use of a Jazzy chair
(electric scooter). She is in pain, but can always make the best
of a bad situation.  She has a computer & can now "surf the Net".
I get a call from her sometimes when she has a "computer
problem" & I run next door to get her going again.  She loves to
email friends & family.  She also loves to send & receive jokes.
My mom liked seeing/hearing Mel Tillis in Branson.  I think her
favorite movie is probably a toss-up between Arthur & Crocodile
Dundee.  She also likes the Dallas Cowboys.  They both like to
watch wrestling.  In fact, a couple of the grandkids have gotten
hooked on wrestling & like to watch it with their Granny (one of
them is my youngest).  Oh yeah, my mom is called Granny & my
dad is called either PawPaw or Grandpa.

I would really love to be able to give my parents a poem.  They
have had their ups & downs during the past fifty years but always
seem to come out on top of things.  I do not want it in the poem,
because not everyone knows about it, but the three of us were
adopted & I honestly think I could not have had better parents if
I had gone out & handpicked them myself.  God chose really well...

Thank you in advance....

Ray and Dorris
I think some things in life,
were just meant to be,
that's why we were meant for you,
so we could all live so happily.
And we're here today,
to celebrate your fifty years,
we'll remember all the laughter,
we'll even remember some of the tears.
Life has had its ups and downs,
life ain't no gilt edged rose,
it can be a roller coaster,
that's the way it is, I suppose.
But you've been there for us,
through times, thick and thin,
taking the knocks as they came,
taking them on the chin.
And like some mighty oak,
you've stood so proud and tall,
you've been our shining light,
you've guided us through it all.
You've always been there,
just when we needed you the most,
like some great rock of age,
like some comfortable leaning post.
And so as these lines,
come to their respective ends,
thanks for being our parents,
thanks for being our friends.
We could not have picked better parents,
even if we'd picked them for our own,
we could not have received more support,
and love as we've grown.
"The poem was wonderful.  My brother read it out loud during the party & everyone loved it, there were even tears shed over it.   I spread the word to a lot of people at the party about ya'lls website. 
I thank you very much - the poem said a lot of things that I could not put into words myself. Amy

 Copyright Allen Jesson :)2000


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