Oh Gosh!
What can I put?
I was born in Yorkshire in 1969, I was the 3rd of three girls and should
have been the boy! I cut my head open three times and had to be taken to hospital, one time in a side car because the car wouldn't start. I think mum and dad found money a struggle in Yorkshire, with Dad doing shift work. We moved away from Yorkshire when I was five to Alcester in Warwickshire because of my Dad's job. My mum lost her mum when she was in her early teens so I think this made her even closer to us. We have never wanted for anything. Me and my partner Paul go on holiday with Mum and Dad a lot and we have had a lot of laughs - the best one being Florida. I was the last one to move out of home and when we got our new house Mum and Dad did all the decorating. Whenever I have a problem they are there to help in minutes. Mum has put a lot of effort into my wedding, mum and dad are paying for it all. We are very open with each other, like good friends. Hope this is enough

When is a good time ?
When do you choose the right day ?
 When do you choose to say it ?
 And what do you choose to say ?
How do you say thank you ?
For everything that has been my life ?
 How do you express the gratitude ?
 On the day that I become a wife ?
I just want to say thank you,
from the very bottom of my heart,
and I'm struggling to find the words,
 and to know where to start.
I know I should have been the boy,
 but some things are meant to be,
and that is why I'm a girl.
Sorry folks, three out of three !

I know you found a struggle up North,
and so we moved between the great divide,
and there we were in the heart of the Midlands,
and couldn't have been happier if we'd tried.
We've had so many good times together,
my favourite was Florida, U.S. of A.,
so many, many happy memories,
and fun filled laughter every day.
I was the last one to leave home,
and now you're left with an empty nest,
but you know what they say,
the last bit is always the best !
And you're never far away,
and you've always been right there.
You're kind, honest, caring and generous,
you've always done more than your share.
So as my single days are over,
and as that journey ends,
you are more than just a Mum and Dad,
you are really very good friends.
So we just wanted to say thank you,
 and say it right out loud !
You've been the greatest parents:
Eh by gum ! You've done us proud !

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