The following requests and comments are all genuine. I am pleased to report that I currently achieve a satisfaction rating in excess of 95%. (Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back). Just click on the underlined link to go directly to the poem. There are more testimonials here

(Permission is always sought to publish, names and details have been withheld where requested). 

Dream Of A Day - An inspirational poem from a daughter to her Mom on her wedding day.

 "Thank you so much for the poem.  I won't need you to make any changes.  
It's perfect!  I think my mom will be very happy with it.
    I would like the background of the boy and girl kissing.  I have no problem with you publishing and putting the poem on your website.  There's no need to change the names.  I would also appreciate it if you would autograph it.  Yes, I would like the original.  Again, thank you so much.  You have helped me with a perfect gift of love for my mother on my wedding day, and for that I am very grateful."
                                                         Sandy Davison

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Heaven Sent - A love that traveled oceans.

"Perfect!!!  Thank you for the beautiful poem.  I have no changes since I feel it tells the story of our romance nicely.  I am very impressed with your service and have already been telling others about your website."

Flowers On Highway 12 - From the children for a  50th wedding anniversary

"I have read the poem aloud many times and finally on the 6th time, I didn't cry as much."


  Accompany Me - A love poem from a husband to his wife on their second anniversary

"This poem is awesome I am very pleased.  This first draft is perfectly fine with me."

 Last Words - A sad poem about death and suicide and the last words spoken.

"It's lovely, Allen....I'm very pleased."

Keys - Sometimes they just get mislaid.

"Yes, you may publish the poem provided you change the names of the players (which I did. Ed). Thank you so much for the poem.  I like this version very much." 

Truly Awesome - Thank you at Christmas.

" Once again, you have come through with a gem! This one seemed like it was going to be tough, but you covered it all and expressed my true feelings poetically! Thank you for sharing your gift in turn allowing me to give a unique and special gift to my staff! Happy Holidays!"

 Amazing Grace - Thank you for your support

"...I love the poem!!"

Mentally Warm - A love poem after one year of marriage.

Thanks for the first draft. It looks very good.....and thanks for the great work.

 The Oregon Trail - To her grandparents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary


The Swing - Swinging times together after fifty years.

"My parents really thought the poem was great; Dad told me multiple times that he thought it was just great."

Travels - The road to their 50th Wedding Anniversary 


"The first draft is great but Dad was an electrician...."

Journey's End - From a loving husband to his wife on her 30th birthday.

"It's perfect - Thank You"

Eighty More - From good friends to an octogenarian on his birthday.

"It's really great"

 Little Dolphin - A sad but inspirational tale of a six month old baby.

" As for your poem I was very moved by it.  Allen I am more than happy with that.  It is beautiful, Thank you"

To Brian, On Our Wedding Day - A poem from a teenaged Mom to her six year old son.

"It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I don't think there will be
a dry eye in the house after hearing that.  I would like it printed on the
still water with forest back ground and yes I would like it autographed.  
 Once again than you so much, it is perfect.  I have no problem with
you publishing the poem on your site."

 Alone - A love poem from the heart

"Oh my goodness.  You don't even know me yet you knew just what I wanted to say.  I cant imagine having you change one word.  Please let me know what I need to do to get this delivered to me so I can ship it off to Eric. Let me say YOU'RE AWESOME!!  *SMILES* / * WINK* / *MORE SMILES*

Yes I would like it all.  Signed, certificate.  Everything, you're wonderful" Lori

How? - Show me how to love you.

"Allen, I love it. I could hardly read it to her over the phone, it made me cry. Thank you so much!!! It is incredible!"

  Christmas Stockings - From a brother to a sister on her wedding day

"The poem is perfect!  Thanks so much for your help on this.  I know
my sister will be blown away when I read this to her!

Thank you again for incorporating my thoughts and feelings into a
true work of art.  I will be sure to recommend your service to others"

  We Remember - Memories are made of this.

"Good morning Allen -- we all loved this first draft -- you hit the target on many of the

main memories."

  I Got You Babe - From the bride to her husband on their wedding day.

INCREDIBLE!! That's all I have to say! They are so wonderful! Thank you for
the revisions to the one to Todd (my fiance) it came out great. The one to
my parents, I cant express how much I love it - I wouldn't change a word! I
think- no I know my mother (and aunts who will be there) will be crying!
Perfect effect! I wanted to touch them and that is it! You took the poem I
gave you from mom and turned it around so lovely.
I think I am actually going to read Todd's at the rehearsal dinner also, just
because its less people and a better effect. (mom will cry over that one too!)
Thank you again so very much! You do wonderful work!

  Divided - These four walls do a prison make.


Trails Across The Sky - The loss of a beloved horse.

"I wouldn't change a word of your first draft--it wonderfully captures my
story of Karen and the life of Peanut.  Tears welled when reading it, and he
wasn't even my beloved horse.  I'm sure my sister Karen will cherish your

An Angel Sings - After one year of marriage.

"I think you have done a great job - looks great!"

  Dream Of A Child - A heartfelt poem from a proud mother.

"Allen, printed out the poem last evening and have been crying ever since. 
You have a wonderful gift of being able to capture the essence of what I was
trying to achieve.  I am in the process of creating a 18 year scrap book on
Alessandra's life which will also be turned into a video and this is the
PERFECT beginning."

 Forgive and Forget - It's Your Birthday !- Forgiveness after 50 years :)

"You do some really wonderful work"

The Elusive Barramundi - Love in the Northern Territory, Australia.

" My wedding poem was a hit - couldn't have been any better"

 Forty Years - A thank you from a daughter on her wedding day.

"I just want to say thank you for the poem you wrote for me a couple of
months ago. The poem was titled Forty Years. I read the poem to my parents
at my wedding on April 28th. Everyone loved it, especially my parents. I
read the poem to the 220 guests and everyone of them felt the poem expressed
so much love. I just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work in writing this
poem for me." Juliet Maybury Hunt

My Grandmother Delores - 75 years and still doing the happy hour !

"I think the poem is awesome! You did a great job!  I would like the poem autographed and I would like to see the original draft.  I am torn between the Single Rose and the Parchment scroll, which one do you like? I do not mind at all publishing the poem or information, changing the name is not necessary."
Thank You, Rhonda Huffman edh13@cableaz.com

Elastic - Don't stretch things too far !

"I don't know if you've ever been happy with one of your poems on the first draft, but you should be chuffed with this one! I definitely am and I honestly cant think of a line that isn't spot on or needs to be altered. You are a star and I really appreciate the time you spent to do this for me. The cheque is on its way to Gt Ormond Street and if you're thinking about putting it on your web page, Id be honoured if you did."

Banana Sandwiches - 50 pretty tough years.

"Many, many thanks.  I take no credit, and really appreciate your talents.  There is no way I could have created this "masterpiece" without you.   I was merely the communicator and coordinated the changes with my sibs."

Nadine Pfaffman  

Ronnie - Seven years a winner.

"You are a very gifted person, and I appreciate your fast response" 

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 Mi Angelita - Thanks for teaching me to walk.

"that's BEAUTIFUL, It made me cry!" 

Lucky - Thanks on Valentine's day.

"I'm so excited and I'm so thankful that through you I could say these things!
 I appreciate all of the effort and all of the changes that you've made for
me.  Has someone ever written a poem for you???" Nkkt3@aol.com 

The Moon and Walking - Never too old....

"Allen - I love it" OKLADIVER4@AOL.COM

Hike It ! - A 50th Birthday that marked new beginnings !

"Hi - I loved the poem but I do  have some alterations for it....."  

Gary - The loss of someone too young.

"I think the poem is wonderful. I do not mind if you publish it on your web page. You do not have to change the names. I think I want to go with the plain background and you can autograph it. I would also love to have the original handwritten draft. Thank you so much. Thank you so much! Gary's parents will love it."

Best Of Friends - After 25 years the rebellious teenagers finally say thank you !

"We were all extremely happy with the poem.  It brought tears to our eyes and we've decided that we all can't read it because we'll cry - so we've volunteered the oldest brother to do it!  Thank you again so much, you really do outstanding work!"  Jennifer

Ends Of The Earth - Would you FedEx toilet paper ?

"Hi, Allen. Thanks so much for your poem. It really is great and I think you
captured what I feel for my good friend. Thanks so much!!!"

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Choice of Package

Choice Of Frames

Choice of Backgrounds

 Great Grandparents - Thanks for everything. 

"Thank you so much for the wonderful poem! It is great! I couldn't have done anything like it! It was exactly what I wanted plus it was personalized! Thanks again!"

 Evermore - Wedding vows and cups of tea.

"Thanks Allen, this is perfect! I will be recommending u to my friends."

Space - Scared of losing her.

"Thank you for responding so fast!"

The Miracle Mile - Twenty five years and determination.

"That was a wonderful poem and it made me cry!! You are a wonderful creator of rhyme and I will keep your address for future needs."