Perfect Rhyme - A poem from a proud bride to her husband and their children on their wedding day.

Full Name:             Misty Lee Andrews

Who do you want the poem written for?: To my Fiancee' Larry James Weathersby

Why do you want the poem written ?: I want to be able to read it to him on the
day of our Wedding March 23, 2002. And parts of it towards our 3 kids or
actually my two daughters from previous relationship, and then our son Caleb
and then Ashleigh and Brittani, i want especially the girls to realize how
special this day is for their Mother and to understand the whole importance
of a wedding with someone they deeply love. Even though larry has been a big
part of my daughters lives and has also been there for them continuously for
the past 5 years.

Key Messages:          Since the first day i went with larry and as much
as we've been through in the past five years he has proven to me that he
does love me dearly. Like no other man could love a women to this day and
i'm sure for the rest of our lives, because i have put larry through alot
these past five years, well more then a person should have been put through
and you want to know something it has made my love even stronger for him. I
want larry to realize and our kids especially the girls how important this
day is to me, not only a man and a women are becoming one in this story but
a women a man and three children that will be joined together as one family.
I want my message to larry to be embedded into him like a soul into a human
form. Over the years he not only has become a father of our children a
excellent lover but a Best Friend a friend that is for life. And i knew the
day i was ready to marry him i would be able to give myself to him 100%
because to me getting married is like a spiritual part in your life because
your giving one another yourself and love eternal love.

Memorable Moments:     A funny thing that has happened : When Larry and i
had went  to Knott's Berry Farm with friends of ours and we had gotten up to
one of the rides because i'll admit i was a chicken pretty much of all the
rides but we had gotten up to Space Mountain and i said to them i think i'll
get on this one i can handle it oh yeah i handled it i was so mad at all
threee of them i wouldn't talk to them all for awhile, but now i look back
on it and it was pretty funny.

A sad thing that has happened is when our son was born on November 5,
1998 and the fact that he was perfectly fine when he was born then all of a
sudden hours later he was breathing rapidly they found he had pneumonia,
and the doctor told me he had to stay hospitalized for 10 days, that was the
hardest thing in my life to do was to leave that hospital without my son
Caleb but some how with all of our love and prayers he came home to us and
now he is one of the most healthiest kids and intelligent child you could
ever meet.

Another sad thing that has happened is when my Ex- mother in law past away
the grandmother of my daughters she loved her granddaughters dearly she loved
them both equally and two different kids but didn't treat either one more
special then the other and that's what i loved so much about Judy she was
very special me and to this day i think about her at least once a week. She
will always be very dear to her granddaughters hearts and mine also, we love
you Judy...

The most happiest days of my life :were when i had each one of my kids
Ashleigh the oldest and then Brittani i had on my 22nd birthday, and then my
Boy, oh how he is a boy. And the day i started to make a life with the father
of my children, and for him to have held on to me like he has. I love you
larry James Weathersby.

An embarrassing thing that has happened: Well i'm not to sure of any
embarrassing things that have happened to me, because i don't really get
embarrassed that easy, i'm a pretty open minded person, and i think that's a
pretty good quality to have about yourself. I hope.

Other Comments:        I'm really happy this is happening today, me as a
person never thought this day would ever occur, but the day of Christmas in
1999, and how larry got away with me not finding out his plan of asking me
to be his wife, when i am ready to be, i in return said yes i would be his
wife and now almost three years later i'm gonna be proud to become Misty Lee
Weathersby through more of our tough times and happy i know now we'll make
we've been through the worst already.

Style:                 Happy, sad and romantic all of them

Package Type:          Standard


Perfect Rhyme
There are certain times in life,
when the right words just don't come along,
and it's hard to find the perfect rhyme,
sometimes the lines can just seem wrong.
But not so with you my friend,
because I love you with all my heart,
I will love you forever and ever,
I know indeed that we'll never part.
You are a wonderful father,
and yes I'll admit, an excellent lover,
and I will love you for all of time,
and I love you now like no other.
You are not only my best friend,
but you're my best friend for life,
and I give you my soul, my everything,
I'm just so proud to be your wife.
Today is our wedding day,
as our family becomes the one,
and I'm looking forward to our tomorrows,
even though we've only just begun.
I think that I've been truly blessed,
in fact, blessed from the heavens above,
because I'm so happy to be here,
 with you and so much in love.
And my precious children,
these words are for you too,
just know that we love you so very much,
always have, always will and always do.
Today is not about one man and one woman,
it is about five people, joining together as one family,
and some things you know are just right,
some things you know are just meant to be.
Now, we truly are a family,
divided we'd fall but united we'll stand,
 and we'll walk arm in arm to our sunsets,
soul in soul, heart in heart, hand in hand.
The spirits of our forebears,
are here with us on this our special day,
and I know that Judy is watching over us,
and she'll help guide us along our way.
We've had our hard years,
but no life isn't a rose filled dream,
but we've toughed it through together,
because we truly are a team.
And life will have its ups and downs,
who knows what lies in store?
Just know that we'll be together,
together, surrounded by love, for evermore.
I will love you all forever,
or at least until the very end of time,
all my love, Misty Lee Weathersby,
(which just happens to be a very perfect rhyme).
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002
Misty kindly replied:
Hello, Allen I Love the Poem so much you did a great job. I want the boy and girl kissing for the background. And i don't care if you publish on here you can leave the names on it too. Heck yeah i want you to sign it most defiantly you did real good. I just want to be careful because i don't want my fiancé to see what is on the package when it comes. So i kind of need to know or have an idea when it'll get here. Because he has no idea what i am doing i want it to be a surprise until the day of our wedding when i read it to him and our kids....And also i do want to receive the original also handwritten draft....Also it's the standard one i wanted if you need my card info. again just let me know ok.....Thank you again it's wonderful.
                Love Misty

And after the wedding...

Hello, Allen   Wanted to tell you thank you and give you a real big hug for the poem you wrote me you are the greatest of all. That poem was the talk of all talks at my wedding to let you know. I do give you a BIG HUG for your time you took out for me. It's hard to tell you or to even explain to you how much i appreciate what you have done. It really touched everyone's hearts.
                                         LOVE,   Misty Lee Weathersby