50th anniversary? That's a lot of water under any bridge. A poem to celebrate a 50th anniversary is a fitting tribute to the occasion. A great opportunity to capture the flavour of the 50 years. I really enjoy writing 50th anniversary poems; Best Of Friends is a poem from the children to their parents on their 25th anniversary, as is Flowers On Highway 12 but for a 50th anniversary (a beautiful story). The Gift is a wonderful example of a first anniversary poem, where the poem also delivered some rather special news :)  People from all around the world have shared their innermost feelings and these thoughts have helped create some wonderful moments.  These stories are a unique collection of "words from the heart" and the recipients of these poems have kindly given their permission for their stories to be told on this site. (Requested privacy is always respected).

A  great idea for any 50th anniversary, a poem is a truly romantic way of expressing your innermost feelings and is a unique way of saying "I love you". 

 Whether for your partner or for your parents, a 50th anniversary poem will make the day an unforgettable experience.

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A  way of saying all those things that you've always meant to say, but never quite found the right moment to do so. 

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Love Can Conquer All - Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dad

Allen, I am speechless!  Wow!  It is  absolutely beautiful.......the tears are still running down my face!  You captured just what I was looking for.  I feel the Lord led me to your site and I will be forever grateful....

Better Place - Happy 5th Anniversary (after a battle)

"WOW.  What a powerful piece of work.  I was totally in a state of intense
emotion. You are very talented and you have made this anniversary something
we both will never forget."

Jennifer Dye requested a poem to say thank you to Dr. Mattson for delivering her miracle child, Tyler.

Margeret Bryer told her husband that she was missing him whilst he was on active duty.

Misty  wanted something special to say to her new husband and children on her wedding day.

The Miracle Child

Philly's Shoe - Missing You

Perfect Rhyme

"I think you are an awesome artist to take little pieces of information from those you know very little about, and create your masterpieces as if you've known us your whole life.   Such talent!!" Nadine


 I Do - The finest words ever spoken

"THANK YOU!  Simply beautiful and so.....true and real."

Accompany Me - A love poem from a husband to his wife on their second anniversary

"This poem is awesome I am very pleased.  This first draft is perfectly fine with me."

Little Man - Happy 5th Anniversary Mr. Firefighter

"That’s wonderful.  I’ll take it"

The Plan - Happy first anniversary, darling.

"Perfect . Would not change a thing."

Flowers On Highway 12 - From the children for a 50th anniversary 

"I have read the poem aloud many times and finally on the 6th time, I didn't
cry as much."

A Unique 50th Anniversary Gift

A great idea for any anniversary, A Gift of Poetry

is a truly romantic way of expressing your

innermost thoughts and feelings.


 Whether for your partner or for your parents, an anniversary poem will make the day an unforgettable experience.


Your unique

thoughts and feelings...

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...meaningfully wrapped within

A gift that says it all


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