Our "Baby" Sister - Engaging Words Of Love
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Full Name:             Marlen Lopez                                                

Who do you want the poem written for?: My Beautiful Baby Sister (Alexandra Dinorash Balderas)      

Why do you want the poem written ?: She is getting engaged on Thanksgiving yes, this Thursday!!!   My baby sister is the youngest of four girls, We always called her our baby, (for a lot of person she is known as "BABY") She is a wonderful sister (My little angel) for the three of us.  She has a very special place in my heart every since she was born we are 9 years apart but, age does not make a difference.  I want to let her know that she is my angel, my little light inside my heart and I am so, so, so, happy for her and I want her to know how I thank God every night for allowing me to be her sister.

When we were extremely young we lost our Daddy,  She was only 5 years old. (But this is totally a different poem.) I want for her to know that Daddy is also watching over her. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments and her determination in making people she loves feel good.   I want to wish her all the happiness she deserves.  I want to thank her for always being there for me when I feel sad and for my girls when they need her.  She is so special that my first daughter middle name is just like hers and not only is she  their auntie but, she baptized my both daughters she is Tiana Alexandra & Mariana's Godmother. (My two daughter's) My sister has always been there for me and I want her to know today that If she need someone to just sit and listen, I will be here for her. Because after everything she has done for me this is the very least I can do.  I want her to realize that although she has always been there for our mommy that my mommy is extremely happy and wishes her the best. That our mommy will be fine and that we will always be as close as we are now.  No matter the miles that separate me from her I will only be a phone call away or an hour away by plane. I want to thank you for being my inspiration and for all my letters that have keep me going. How much I admire her for being the person she is although, she is so young she has taught me a lot. I want her to know so many things that as I write this I just do not have the right  words to express my feelings and admiration for her. I want to thank her for always giving me a helping hand no matter how busy she was or what she had to do. 

Key Messages:          She has a heart of gold. Thank You!!! Your my inspiration, you will always have a special place in my heart.  You are my angel and my little light. You are my Best BABY Sister I will ever have. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!!

Memorable Moments:     Yes, Today 11/24/03 as I was driving home from work I had a tough day and as I was talking in the phone with my husband she called me.  When I called her back she immediately notice something was wrong before long I explained my problem to her and as always she stopped and listened.  Then I asked did you have something to tell me and she did SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER MAID/MATRON OF HONOR I WANT HER TO KNOW THAT FOR A SECOND I FROZE AND ALL MY PROBLEMS WENT AWAY!!!  Because she had made me the happiest sister I will ever be.  This was my dream come true. (And if she only knew that I had just picked up her Wedding Planner a couple of hours ago.) Although she has two other sisters and I know how difficult it was to make a decision I want to thank her for choosing me as her Maid/matron of honor.  And I know that if she could all three of us would be her maid of honor.

 Something sad/happy as I was getting married my baby sister was my flower girl.  When I returned from my honey moon and I watched our video my baby sister was caught crying at church I then realized how much she loved me and still does.
Embarrassing but, funny and extremely a lesson well taught from my baby sister.  As, we were going to visit my sister Irazema I had made reservations for her and my mommy and daughter Tiana thru a travel agency,  and I made reservations for my daughter Mariana and I e-ticket-less. As we arrived at the airport we checked in luggage etc... and begin to board the plane when they stopped them and did not allow them to board because they did not have their tickets I had an attack I begged and begged the airline personal to allow my mommy, daughter and my sister to board but, they said no.  Then we saw the plane take off and I started to cry she then said to me in a very high voice "What do you think by crying it will make the plane come back?"  From that day on I realized that I wished I was more like her.  She is so funny, crazy unbelievable.  (I would like to thank her for always saying I love you when we hang up the phone.  It always makes my day!!!! )

Other Comments:        I want her to know that I want her marriage to be as happy as our parents and as happy as my marriage. As she begins her wedding preparations, I want to wish her so many beautiful tomorrows. I wish her a wonderful engagement/marriage and that she is loved as much as we love her and I want to thank God for this wonderful day especially as we thank him for everything he has given us and for allowing us to be together to celebrate the beginning of my Baby's sisters engagement. I want to ask Sal (her Fiance) to please take good care of her and make her extremely happy. And I want to Welcome him to his new family. 

Style:                 Happy and funny and romantic etc.....                       

Package Type:          Deluxe                                                      

Last thoughts:         Please help me I want to  read this poem on Thanksgiving day to give thanks and make her day an unforgettable day. If you have any questions please call me or e-mail me as soon as possible.  P.S. I hope you believe in miracles. Please excuse my grammar. Marlen

Our "Baby" Sister
You're the youngest of four girls,
and you're a wonderful sister to all three,
you are simply our dreams personified,
you've made our world a better place to be.
And ever since the day that you were born,
you've held a special place in my heart,
and we've got a few words to share with you,
now, where on earth shall we start?
You see, when we found out about your arrival,
yes, we're talking about your arrival on Planet Earth,
we just didn't know how much you'd mean to us,
we simply had no idea of what one life could be worth.
And personally, although we're nine years apart,
I don't feel there's a difference in age,
I also want you to know that you're my angel,
I'm so glad that we've shared this sunlit stage.
You are the little light inside of me,
and I thank God every night that we're side by side,
because we couldn't have picked a finer sister,
we couldn't - even if we'd tried.
So, today, in all honesty,
we're happy for you, we feel so very glad,
because we know you've found your happiness,
and you're the best sister any sister's ever had.
And Daddy, like us, is proud of your accomplishments,
and your determination to make your loved ones feel good,
we wish you your richly deserved happiness,
and if anyone should receive happiness, then you should.
Because you've always been there for me,
whenever I feel sad or am feeling blue,
you always know exactly what to say,
you always know exactly what to do.
You're a wonderful Godmother to Mariana,
and Tiana proudly shares your name,
you baptized both of my daughters,
and ever since, they've never been the same. 
I want you to know that I'll always be there for you,
I'll give you anything (including a patient and listening ear),
after everything you've done for me this is the least I can do,
and if you ever need support then I'll gladly lead the cheer.
I know you've always been there for Mommy too,
but don't worry, I think you could do with a rest,
just know that Mommy is extremely happy for you,
and sincerely, she wishes you only the very best.
In fact, Mommy will be just fine,
and we'll always be as close as we are now,
no matter the miles that may separate us,
whether by plane or by phone, I'll be there, somehow.
I want to thank you for all of your inspiration,
your letters have simply kept me going at times,
and that's just one of the reasons why I love you so,
(and it's only one of the reasons for these rhymes).
Because I really admire you for the person that you are,
and although young, you've taught me a wondrous lot,
and words can't truly describe my feelings for you,
because they are pure and golden, like a molten pot.
But I do know the metal that they were formed in,
and just like your heart, they're made of gold,
and I'm looking forward to our futures,
to our stories, as yet unwritten and untold.
I'm so honored to be your matron of honor,
and I too, will be caught crying on your wedding day,
I also know that crying won't make planes come back,
but I wish, like you, I always knew just what to say.
Because you always say: "I love you",
whenever we've finished talking on the phone,
and my only hope is that your marriage is a great one,
just like our parents and my very own.
I wish you many beautiful tomorrows,
certainly as beautiful as the person you truly are,
I wish you moonbeams, I wish you happiness,
I wish you your very own wishing star.
Because on that star I would make a wish,
and that wish is that all of your wishes come true,
and we know that Sal will make you very happy,
because he, like us, very much loves you too.
Finally, I'd like to thank God for this wonderful day,
I'd like to thank Him for letting me say what was on my mind,
I'd like to thank Him for all of His miracles,
and I'd like to thank "Our Baby" for being so wonderfully kind.
So Sal, welcome to your new family,
I know you'll give "Our Baby" lots of loving care,
just you make sure that you look after her,
because we all know, you've got a very special one there.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
Marlen kindly replied:
"PERFECT!!!!!  MAGNIFICENT!!!!  Thank you so much this is wonderful.  Yesterday I read the poem aloud at the engagement/thanksgiving dinner party there were about 40 people there and I am not joking everyone everyone even men had a tear in their eyes.  You are wonderful and I pray that God continues to bless.  Don't ever quit poetry you are EXCELLENT in what you do."