"Because sometimes, when you hold those tiny malnutritioned babies in your arms, one does wonder if anybody cares. I'm just a nobody, but my heart breaks and I need to do something, anything to help."


These are the lines that inspired me to try and help

make a difference. I hope you will join me.


"I love those children so much, they have suffered much, they have no food, they live in tin shacks, tiny ones and maybe 5 people live in one, no running water, no toilets, they are cold and hungry and most are left orphaned because of the aids crisis."


AnnaMarie Cronin has recently introduced me to the plight of the people of Rustenburg in South Africa.


"...Anyway, we found out that Lucky's Dad had died a while ago from AIDS and his mother had a boyfriend which had been abusing them...."      AnnaMarie Cronin


 Devastated by AIDS, alcoholism and abject poverty, they seem to have been forgotten. So, our simple aim is to change all that. We know we can't change the world, but we can change this one part of it, simply by doing something. This is our something.


Please help us.


All monies donated will go directly to Andre and Cliff Scott who are the founder members of Jesus Cares

 Ministries. Andre and Cliff do not normally ask for funds directly but we wanted to give them a helping hand. Our ultimate aim is to build a safe haven for the children, many of whom have lost their parents through AIDS, alcoholism and other illnesses.


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Build a safe haven






"Whenever I go to the school to feed the children, they all want a hug afterwards, so they stand and wait for their chance to get a hug. One day I looked down and there was this little boy, he wanted a hug but he just stood their lifelessly, he had no expression on his face, just the saddest eyes, I have ever seen in a child of 7 years old. Anyway, I gave him a big hug but as the weeks went by I noticed he was not mixing with the other children, he never smiled or talked to anyone. He would take his plate of food and sit behind a tree and eat all by himself. I could see there was something wrong but wondered how the teachers never picked it up. Anyway to cut a long story short I decided to investigate and found out that he also had an older sister called Jaque who was on the feeding scheme. I called for Jaque, and the sight that greeted me was so terribly sad, her face was covered in open sores and she was just as neglected as little Lucky. Anyway, we found out that Lucky's Dad had died a while ago from AIDS and his mother had a boyfriend which had been abusing them.

We finally managed to track down an aunt of the children, she was so happy because she lived in a different place to them she had no idea that the children were being so neglected and abused and she had loved her brother so much. Although she had 3 children of her own and was also desperately poor, she promised she would go immediately to bring the children to her house. She kept the promise and she was lovely with then, Lucky was finally giving hugs and Jaque face had cleared from all the sores. Eventually the mom got rid of the boyfriend and the children went back to her. I hate to think about what could have happened to them if we did not have them in the feeding scheme and never noticed.

They are still desperately poor, but have brightened up a bit, Lucky is starting to respond, actually the last day I was there, I even got a hug and a word 'thank you' when I told him that Jesus Loves him.

Allen I am finding it hard to believe this is real? I know that God can do much more than we can even imagine, but being led to you and you been so enthusiastic and helpful is just overwhelming me. I love these children and I know if you went out to SA and visited them, you too would love them, they are so special and so beautiful and have suffered much.

One other little girl, her mother died of Aids last year and she was sent to live with an aunt, anyway a few months later this aunt also died of Aids and she is now living with an Uncle who too has Aids. See why the haven is desperately needed?

Have a good day and God bless you.




31st October 2004

Funds raised

so far

Fund Launched 31st October 2004



For a few dollars a month (and some love) you can make an enormous difference. If you would like to know about sponsoring a child directly,

please get in touch.


Emotional? Magriet receives a care package from a volunteer

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Build a safe haven

We will also be introducing a range of greeting cards, where 100% of the profits will be donated to the Ministry. Watch this space for more details.


"You cannot see in the picture but Tsepo has the saddest eyes I have ever seen in a child. He never smiles because he is extremely poor and his beloved mother has aids. He is so frightened of losing her because the uncle who will take him in does not treat him well. Tsepo at one stage could not come to school because he lived too far much too far to walk everyday, but now the ministry pays his bus fare for him and he just loves coming to school.

This photo was taken last Christmas (2003) when we handed out the various little gifts we had bought for the children."

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Build a safe haven


There is one little girl at Karlien Park Primary that came to school one day in her panty and a towel wrapped around her, eventually the school bought her a uniform, but when she came back the next day, she was in the towel again. Her parents had sold the uniform to buy alcohol. So now she has to come to school in the towel everyday, put her uniform on and take it off again before she goes home. (This community is called coloureds, they are a mixture of black and white, not wanted by either the blacks in SA nor the whites, they are a forgotten people and most adults are alcoholics.

Anthony's Story

Anthony is 13 years old, he too lived in a shack with his Mother, Father, older brother Marius, younger brother Aubrey and little sister Arika. They too are extremely poor but at least the dad managed to bring some money home from a little job that he had. Anyway one night not too long ago the family were asleep when two youths were having a fight outside their shack, the dad opened the door to see what was going on and the 13 year old youth stabbed him to death in front of Anthony and little Arika who had also come to see what was going on. Anthony was devastated and lay on his dead father with blood all around and screaming for ages. He was so depressed after, when I heard this we immediately went to help. The mother had to dismantle the shack and put it up in someone else's back garden. Anthony had images all the time of his dad lying there in a pool of blood. When we came to the school he would not eat, I eventually started to spoon feed him.

You know Allen although people are willing to help feed these children there are not many willing to bring them into their homes. That is why it is so important to have the shelter so that when these kind of things happen we can take the children out of the terrible situation until it all settles down and they can go back. Anthony's mom could not stop thanking me, she said it made the world of difference, and I saw it too, because  he started to come and eat again and also started to smile again.

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Build a safe haven


Nicole's Story

There's another little girl in the school I went to, her name is Nicole and she is so sweet and so beautiful, well she is about 9 years old now, but when she was is Grade one and just 61/2 years old she was violently raped by her own father because he'd had an argument with the mother, however the two made up and the mother refused to lay a charge, so Nicole was left to deal with it.

You might ask but where is the social security? Well Allen there are so many stories like this that they cannot cope so many children are just left to deal with it themselves.

George's Story

At one of the other schools, which are even more poorer, there was a little boy called George. Well, George, his sister, brother and little cousin were walking home on this dusty road one day, their mother could see them from outside the shack where she was lighting a fire to prepare them some tea, when suddenly a car came flying by and went bang into the children the mother saw them fly into the air and come crushing down. The three children died instantly and little George was left in a coma. We went to visit him in hospital every day till they moved him, he eventually came out of the coma, but was sent home with brain damage. They told the mom that he could improve if she took him for physiotherapy but she could not even afford to take a bus so she has just left him like that. Now wouldn't the shelter be just great for him, maybe it's too late for George but there are many others like him.

You see why I feel this way Allen, I cannot just carry on living and do nothing, it might be small but I must do something and I am so grateful to you, a man I don't even know who is so willing to help. Thank you.

Please help us.


Build a safe haven

Home for Alfred's family (and many, many more families like it)


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Build a safe haven


I'll let AnnaMarie have the final word:


"I was a volunteer there for four years, but because my husband could not get work there, we had to move back to the UK, obviously I was devastated having to leave the children. I love those children so much, they have suffered much, they have no food, they live in tin shacks, tiny ones and maybe 5 people live

in one, no running water, no toilets, they are cold and hungry and most are left orphaned because of the aids crisis. At Jesus Cares, we try to do as much as we can, like feed them a good nutritious meal twice a week, provide them with warm clothing, shoes, make a fuss of their birthdays, give them gifts for Christmas, when a particular child is traumatised (many are raped and abused) we comfort them, the ladies make hand knitted blankets which we give them for comfort but most of all we teach them about Jesus at that He cares for them and their situation. I cannot thank you enough. Please let me know of any ideas you may have. God Bless you!"


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Build a safe haven