One Big, Unstoppable Spirit - To His Own Drum


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What is your name : dale

Who do you want the poem written for: My Brother Dan who was killed last thursday

Why do you want the poem written: I am going to speak at his funeral and I would really like to recite a poem.  I was looking around your site and I really feel like a personal poem would be the best way to express my thoughts about my brother, however i can not write poetry.

What are the key messages you would like to send: I do not really know what message i want to send other than i would like to celebrate his life instead of morning his death.  I would like to tell you a little bit about him.  Dan was killed at age 37.  Dan was in and out of prison for many years.  He was a heroin addict and could not shake it, as he had tried many times to do so.  He was such a loving person he would give the shirt off of his back to any one.  He is divorced and has 3 children Joanna 18, Paige 13, and Daniel James 4 months.  Danny was a real free spirit, did not like to follow any rules and really marched to his own drum.  He did not like authority figures, as a matter of fact the way he was killed was by the police.  He had been wanted by the police (drug related).  They found him and he fought with them then Dan pulled out a gun he had been carrying exchanged multiple gun shots with them and was killed, no one else was hurt.  He had been telling us that he could not go back to prison for months and unfortunately he followed thru with his promise.  Dan also has 3 brothers Dean 44, Dave 40, and myself Dale 34.

Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: Dan had such a wonderful soul and wonderful attitude about life itself.  .  Dan never had a negative attitude even though his adult life was full of despair due to the drugs.  He would always say that he could not "beat the demons".  I would like to tell you about the younger Dan.  He was always my protector when we were kids.  He took care of me when we were little, not in a parental way but a big brother way.  everyone knew not to pick on me because they would have to deal with Dan if they did.  I believe it allowed me to get off easy in some ways because i did not have to deal with those types of things and i am grateful for that.  Dan and I were much closer when we were younger, however even though there were times we did not speak for months, it would always be like "it was yesterday".  I will really miss him.

Do you have any other comments or thoughts: Dan, had such a big heart and a passion for life.  Dan was the hardest worker I know, he was a quick learner, you tell him one time or show him one time and he would have it.  He had such big dreams that could never be realized.  I believe Dan's life was the way it was for a reason and a lot of people benefited from knowing Dan and are better people for it. 

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): inspirational.......if you feel like you need to call to get any other info, please do not hesitate to call XXXXXXXXXX

Please choose which package you would prefer: Deluxe

Do you have any last comments or thoughts: i am going to read this poem at his funeral so I do not want it to be directed at me personally, but about Dan and what he meant to me and others.  I would like to touch on his drug problem however not dwell on it.  He had such a big heart and such a free spirit.

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One Big, Unstoppable Spirit


Let he who is without sin,

stand up and cast the first stone.

Famous words said a long time ago,

but the speaker knew he wasn’t alone.


Because we’ve all done things in life,

most of us, at one time, would’ve broken a law,

so please, for one moment, put your judgement aside,

and maybe that’s what these words are really for.


Because actually, I’d like to celebrate Dan’s life,

and that’s really why I’m standing here today,

because I’ve got a few thoughts on my mind,

yes, I do have some heartfelt words to say:


You see, Dan lived by different rules,

when he was born, they probably broke the mould,

but that doesn’t make him any less worthy,

his is a story that deserves to be told.


Dan had such a wonderful attitude about life,

and yes, he had such a wonderful soul,

and I think we could learn a lot from him,

now he’s gone, he’s finally playing the teacher’s role.


He never had an ounce of negative attitude,

even though his adult life was drug filled with despair,

he would always say he couldn’t “beat the demons”,

and with that much conviction, you could see them standing there.


And it was those demons that led him on their demonic path,

a path, unfortunately, that many others will follow,

take it from me, Heroin is no heroine,

as my brother’s death is so very hard to swallow.


Because Dan was such a free, fine spirit,

it seemed he danced to a different drum, a different tune,

and his life was tragically cut so short,

yes, his life is over (and way too soon).


He told me he couldn’t take those bars again,

so I guess in the end, he chose his own path out,

but that’s not the way I want to remember him,

because that’s not what his life was all about.


He fathered three beautiful children,

and now, he wont be here to watch them grow,

but I reckon his spirit is alive in us all,

yes, and there’s a few other things that you should know.


Never judge a book by it’s cover,

because you’ll never get to know what’s on the inside,

and when I think of Dan I get this feeling,

and my heart swells and fills with pride.


Because imagine the world and how it could be,

if we, like Dan, would give the shirts off our backs,

imagine the wonderful, chaotic, creative genius,

if we all didn’t follow those worn out tracks.


Dan certainly chose the path less travelled,

and now I’ve lost my protector, my elder brother,

and there’s a big empty space in my heart,

because I know, as Dan’s go, there’ll never be another.


And he had such big, wonderful dreams,

his attitude to life was “let’s be in it”,

so I know that in my heart, his dreams will continue on,

because undoubtedly, Dan had one big, unstoppable spirit.


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004



 Great job.  I have to tell you that you allowed me to cry for my brother for the first time and I thank you for that.  You have a remarkable talent.   I am going to visit my parents and read it to them.  I would like to make changes if necessary later today after visiting my parents. 

Thanks again and again and again. "




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