My World - My Light

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(Lisa has kindly given her permission for her

poem and story to be published. God Bless.)


What is your name : Lisa-Jayne Fowler

What is your e-mail address: jravenshaw AT (I don't normally display e-mail addresses but if you would like to send Lisa some good wishes, I know she won't mind)

Who do you want the poem written for: Ally - my sister, my world, my life

Why do you want the poem written: My Sister was and still is my inspiration.  She was taken very quickly from us last Friday, 23rd April 04.  She went into hospital three weeks ago with pneumonia.  One week later she rang me to tell me that she had been diagnosed with Cancer.  I had one hours sleep that night and cried from when she told me for two whole days.  One week later we were told that she had Primary Lung Cancer and Secondary Liver Cancer - within the week she was moved to the Sue Ryder Care Home where she passed within 48 hours.  She was my tower of strength.  When we lost our mum only five years ago - she became my sister, my best friend, my mum all rolled into one.  I told her everything and shared everything with her.  At the birth of my first child Amy 6 years ago she was the first person with half an hour to come to the hospital.  She has always been there for me.  She has been 'My Constant' for my 38 years.  We lost Ally when she was only 47 years old.  She was a very strong lady,  she loved life, she always put herself first before anyone and anything.  She loved the outdoors and shared 4 horses with my niece.  Her husband Steve, her daughter Vicky and son Adam were her life.  Horses were her passion.  Last Christmas she was given a Pedigree cat by her husband - earlier this year 'Mouse' (her cat) went missing and she grieved for her until she returned some 4 days later. 
My Sister was a very brave and courageous lady - even when we could see the Cancer giving her extreme pain - she made no fuss.  She was beautiful, funny, giving, loving, kind, she listened, she loved and was loved by all that knew her.  She was warm and caring.  Although taken early from us only last Friday - I know that she is now with my mum and together they continue to watch over us.  I love and miss her so very much.  She is and continues to be my World.

What are the key messages you would like to send: I loved and love you.  I miss you.  You are at peace now with no pain and you are with mum.  I was not frightened of death - I was frightened of losing you as a person.  I miss your inner spirit, your strength, your love and your smell.  I miss your voice.  I cry tears of my love for you as my friend, my strength and my sister.  You will be forever in my heart, my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations.  Your spirit lives on forever within me.

Do you have any other comments or thoughts: Even though your passing has only been a few days.  I still want to pick up the telephone and hear your voice.  I still want to see you come into my house and kick off your horse-riding boots and smell of you.  I still hear you, see you, smell you.  You were and still are a beautiful person.  You live behind you a legacy of love, hope, dreams.  You were beautiful.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): Happy and Sad

Please choose which package you would prefer: Deluxe

Do you have any last comments or thoughts: I know that love lasts forever.  I think of my Sister - I think of her happiness, her smile, her eyes lit up.  My two babies Amy aged 6 and Ben aged 4 will miss you so very much.  You were always so generous with your affection and kindness and time.  Your Spirit is My Spirit.  Thank you for always being you.


My World
I loved and love you,
I miss you, I miss your smell,
of course, you know that I'm grieving,
because you always knew me so very well.
And now I think of you back with Mum,
and you'll continue on your journey, once again together,
back to the light from whence you came,
with a love in your soul, that'll last forever.
You are, and you continue to be my World,
and I'm glad that you're now out of your pain,
and although there's great sadness in my heart,
and I know that sometime when, we'll meet again.
You were a brave and courageous lady,
even towards the end, you made no fuss,
and now there's something missing in our lives,
because you meant the world to me, to us.
I want to pick up the telephone to hear your voice,
I want you to walk in through that door,
I want you to kick off your riding boots,
I want to smell and hear you, just once more.
But in truth, you're not that far away,
because you're in my heart, my very soul,
and together, we'll walk side by side,
because you've always been with me, you're my whole.
You became my sister, my best friend,
and my mum, all rolled into one,
your love and warmth kept me nurtured,
your light was like my morning sun.
And that light, was my inspiration,
and your light still burns bright, inside of me,
you've been my confidant, my lever of strength,
and you made my world a better place to be.
You loved life, you loved your horses
and you were at your happiest in the great outdoors,
and you always thought of yourself last,
anyone and anything was always your passionate cause.
You've given so much throughout your life,
and to me, you gave your unconditional love,
and now the night sky seems a little bright,
because there's a new star in the heavens above.
And I know that your light will keep on shining,
I can see you now, with your new wings unfurled,
for your love now has a greater purpose,
because now you're there to enlighten, my world.
 Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004


Dear Allen,
Very many thanks for what you portrayed as a draft, and my husband and I found as the perfect match to my sentiment.
Please forgive me, I am trying to capture all the things that you require:
1:  Cream Wrap
2:  Silk Paper
3:  Verse for front:  begins with:  "You became my Sister etc".
4:  Personal Message: 
'If not in this lifetime then in the next'
5:  Yes indeed, your initial scribbled thoughts would be most welcome and thank you very much for offering.
Yes, I do give my permission for you to use both your poem and my details as is for your Website.
I would like to personally thank you for such a beautiful interpretation of my thoughts and words, you are very gifted.
I have subscribed to your Website and look forward receiving updates.  I would also be very interested in your 'Works'.
Kindest regards,


Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 10:26 AM
Subject: Hello Allen

Good Morning,
This is Lisa Fowler.  You wrote a beautiful poem for me when my sister passed away with Cancer 2 months ago. 'My World'.  I wondered if you would be using the poem on your Website?
It is my Sister's Birthday today.  I am off soon to the church with flowers and thought that you might like to read the poem that I am going to leave today with my flowers.
Take care and thanks so much again for the beautiful poem the fantastic presentation and your original workings that came with my special tribute to my beautiful sister.
Have a good day and thanks again.
Lisa Fowler


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