Sarah wrote: 
Hi, my name is Sarah I am a 27 year old social worker. I am requesting that you write a poem for my parents 50th wedding anniversary which is
the first week in September. I feel like I have been blessed and have the best parents anyone could ask for. There priorities have always been
their children and raising them in the best possible environment. They
both have always been very spiritual with a strong Catholic background,
and have always considered others needs before there own. They are
always willing to give time, money, food, and other resources to help
other people. I don't believe that I have ever come into contact with two
people who are so unselfish. I am the youngest of five children, I have
two older sisters and two older brothers, there is eight years
difference between me and the next youngest sibling. So, there is a big
age difference between my siblings and myself. My oldest sibling is 20
years older than I am. My mother was 40 when I was born, but my parents still had the energy, love, and parenting skills despite them being a little older. I was not the perfect child, and have caused them some
grief through the years, but they know I love them with all my heart.
Growing up I always remember my friends saying " I wish I had parents
like yours" , and of course at the time I didn't realize how lucky I was,
now I do. It is so special that they are celebrating their 50th wedding
anniversary, and one clear thing that I remember about my childhood was
that I never once heard my parents argue or fight.....it seems like they
have the perfect relationship and have always gotten along and
appreciate each others strengths. They are very involved in the
community and church and always have been. My father recently retired,
and my mother has always been a homemaker. I have grown to appreciate,
admire, and realize how special these two people are, and even though I
always new this, I know especially as a teenager I took it for granted.
My siblings have frequently referred to me as the spoiled
brat........which I can admit now I was spoiled, and maybe even at times
a brat. I always knew that if I used tears, more than likely I could get
my way. I really love and admire my parents, they provided me with so
much, not just financially but spiritually and emotionally. I appreciate
the you taking the time to do this, it really means a lot to me, and if I
can provide you with any other information please feel free to contact
We are also from south Louisiana
and have a very strong Cajun heritage. Thanks again!
You have always been there for us,
have taught us right from wrong,
have taught us God's word,
have taught us his song.
You are very special parents,
and could never have been cursed,
you've had five beautiful children,
and have always put them first.
But you have big and generous hearts,
and you are so unselfish and giving,
you make the world a better place,
you make life itself worth living.
You were forty when I was born,
some would say past your prime,
but you gave me everything I needed:
Your energy, your skills and your time.
I haven't been the perfect child,
and I'm sorry that I caused you grief,
but you have shown me the right book,
and now I'm taking out a leaf.
And now I have my memories,
and my heart silently soars,
because my friends used to say:
"I wish I had parents like yours."
I would like to thank God,
because we have been truly blessed.
There is no other way of putting it:
You are simply the best !
Copyright Allen Jesson 1998
Sarah kindly replied:
Thank you very much for taking the time to write that poem........I LOVE it........it was worth the wait it brought tears to my eyes and I know it will be very special to them. I would be thrilled if you published your poem and the story on your website, but yes, please change the names, I think mine is the only one mentioned. I have already told a lot of people about you and what you do, I will definitely be recommending your sight to everyone......especially if my story and the poem will be published on it. Thanks again, you did a wonderful job!


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