A Gift for Mother's Day

Make this years Mother's Day a truly memorable experience. A Gift of Poetry gives you the chance to say all the things that you've always wanted to say (and what better time is there to express those feelings than on Mother's Day?)


This poem wasn't actually written for Mother's Day but I think you'll get the idea...


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(Sandy kindly gave her permission to publish her poem and story)

Dream Of A Day - An inspirational poem from a daughter to her Mom on her wedding day.

I will be married to Peter on July 21st.
      I would like you to write me a poem because I feel that it will be more personalized.  I will read my mother this poem on my wedding day at the reception.  I would like to share with my family and friends how wonderful my mother is and how grateful I am for all that she has done for me throughout the years.  My mom has been my inspiration through out my life.  She has shown me the love that two people can have for one another.  That it is for better or for worse and in sickness and in health, through her marriage with my father.  My father passed away in January of 2001.  My mother never left my father's side throughout his last six years battling with cancer.  She was there until
the very end when she told him to let go and go be with his diseased loved one's where there's only happiness, no more pain.  It wasn't until that point, with my mother by his side comforting him, did he finally pass on.  Their love for one another was so beautiful and inspiring.  I want my mother to realize how much she inspires me.  How grateful I am that she is always
there for me when I need her the most.  I want her to realize that even though she has lost the love of her life that the lord will give her the strength to get though the hard times.  That I will always be here for her as she was for my father.  Whether she needs a shoulder to cry on, some one to listen, someone to laugh with, or someone to take care of her.  She is my mother forever and I will give her all the love and support she has given me.

 As a little girl I always dreamed of the day that my father would walk me down the isle.  I would give him a kiss and tell him how much I loved him. I thought of all the wonder things he would tell me on that day.  My mother and I will be lighting a candle at the ceremony to signify my father's presence there in spirit.  I know that my father will be looking down on me as I exchange my vows.  I only pray that he is happy and proud of his little girl.  In the poem I would like to remind my mother that my father will be
there that day.  That he wouldn't want us to greave because he is not here.  Instead, he would like my mom to be as proud and happy as his little girl on her wedding day. I want my mom to be proud of me.  I hope that she can understand that I am who I am as a result of all that my mother and father have taught me.  I want in my marriage to be as happy as my parents.  I hope that I can take all that I've learned from them and be the best wife and mother that I can possibly be. I hope that this is enough for you.  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions for me.
                                                Thank you so much,
                                                Sandy Davison
When I was a little girl,
I always dreamed of this day,
I knew the words off by heart,
I knew exactly what I would say.
And I imagined my Daddy,
walking me down that aisle,
I could see the look on his face,
I could see the pride in his smile.
But life doesn't always run to plan,
I guess that's plain to see,
and some things just go and happen,
some things are just meant to be.
But this is  meant to be a happy day,
happier for others than for some,
and I just wanted to share some thoughts,
because I wanted to tell you about my Mom:
My mother has been my inspiration,
she has guided me throughout my life,
and there are some words that I need to say,
especially now that I'm a wife :)
You've always been there for me,
just when I needed you the most,
and in a moment, we'll drink to you,
in a moment, to you we shall raise a toast.
Because you have shown me what love is for,
and the love that two people can have for one another,
you have shown me how to be a devoted wife,
and of course, how to be a wonderful mother.
Those six years were very tough,
but that's just when the tough got going,
and you showed Dad all of your love,
and gee, you did a lot of showing !
Even though you've lost the love of your life,
(and this is one of those meaningful rhymes),
The Lord will give you all of His strength,
to get you through your more difficult times.
And I will also always be there for you,
if you ever need a shoulder or a helping hand,
divided we shall fall and be conquered,
but together and united we will make a stand.
And if you need someone to just sit and listen,
then I'll be there just for you,
because after everything you've done for me,
this is the very least that I can do.
Today, I felt my father's spirit,
I could feel him proudly looking on,
I could feel his love for us all,
I could feel where his love brightly shone.
He just wants you to be happy,
I know this from deep inside my heart,
and he knows that he will love you forever,
and he knows that you'll never truly part.
And all that he will ever wish,
and this is my dearest wish too,
is that I have such a wonderful marriage,
and that I'm loved as much as he loved you.
And today, my Daddy's spirit was with me,
and he did indeed walk me down that aisle,
and I imagined the look upon his face,
and yes, it was a very proud smile.

   Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

"Thank you so much for the poem.  I won't need you to make any changes.  
It's perfect!  I think my mom will be very happy with it.
    I would like the background of the boy and girl kissing.  I have no
problem with you publishing and putting the poem on your website.  There's no need to change the names.  I would also appreciate it if you would autograph it.  Yes, I would like the original.  
    Again, thank you so much.  You have helped me with a perfect gift of
love for my mother on my wedding day, and for that I am very grateful."
                                                         Sandy Davison

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