The nation of Australia is gambling mad and I also love to try and pick a winner. A story about the magic of having a flutter.
Correct Weight
They're off at the Valley,
And also at the Farm,
How do you explain,
The excitement and the charm ?
You see I've had an All Up,
And a mystery too,
I hope you understand the lingo,
Am I speaking parley vouz ?
I've got this good thing going,
It must get a place,
Although she's up in the weights,
And only lightly raced.
She's got the inside alley,
And is first up from a spell,
But what if she misses the jump,
And what if she fell ?
But she likes this track,
And she's certainly not a dud,
She can handle the distance,
And I know she loves the mud.
Gee, she's firming up,
And going into the red,
The place divvy is money back,
I'll bet her to win, instead.
And they're …..RACING,
My heart skips a beat,
My hand's get clammy,
I'm on the edge of my seat.
She's looking good from here,
And starting to coast,
The jockey's riding hands and heels, 
At the four hundred post.
But she's starting to tire,
And they're coming out of the pack,
The charge of the cavalry,
Spread right across the track.
But her heart is a big one,
And their runs were just too late,
And now I long for the magic words,
Weighed in, correct weight !
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000-2001 

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