Please write me a poem that I can use as my wedding vow. My fiancé and I
are in the process of our second engagement. I broke off the first one
because our parents got in the way. My parents are worried that he doesn't make enough money. I want my fiancé to know that I love him no matter what. We've managed to stay together throughout my college years when we were 1200 miles away. We know we belong together. Please make this poem romantic, without any humor. Our entire family will hear these special vows on our wedding day, and I want them to know that love conquers all. I will donate $30 to a charity.
Thank you,

Love Conquers All

Here we are together,
on this our special day,
I love you more than ever,
I love you more than I can say.

We've stayed together,
distance couldn't keep us apart,
joined together by love,
joined together at the heart.

I don't care what others may think,
I know now you are the only one,
you are my evening moonlight,
you are my morning sun.

I love you for who you are,
and not for what you've got.
I love you. Full stop.
No matter what.

I just want you to know,
(and pride does come before a fall),
that I love you now and for always,
and I know that our love will conquer all.

"You can definitely publish the poem. I cried when I read it. This
describes our relationship perfectly and I can't wait to read it to my
fiancé at our wedding. I will make a $30 donation to charity. Thanks
again! Rachel"

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2000