It's official ! My longest poem ever (and an unusually long poem request :)
Q1: Name: Josephine

Q4. Why do you want it written: My parent's 50th anniversary

Q5: Key messages in poem: We grew up in a small New England town called Roxbury, CT. It's a wonderful place to grow up...most of our years were on "Judd's Bridge Farm" until my parent's built their house in their later years. They reared 4 children-Doug, Mike, Kim and Curt. They have 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. I am their only daughter.....they also for a few years had 2 foster children. Actually, over the years their home has always been a "refuge" for some lost soul that needed shelter from this cold world. It either was an uncle, teenager, child or adult that need a helping hand along the way....a boost to get them on their feet. My Mom always has had a natural ability to make anyone feel at home in their house. People feel free to go in her kitchen and help themselves to one of her snacks and goodies. She is very nurturing, caring person. She is known to be "the mother of the world"....always there to help the underdog of the world. My Dad just goes along with whatever my Mom wants....that's what his life  is about...her and us kids and grandchildren. They got married at an early age. My Mom could be classified as a "Child Bride." She was only 17 but has never regretted that decision. She was born to be a wife and mother. She had/has a way of making home a place of security, love and lots of fun! Dad has been the ultimate provider. He was a farmer for years until my youngest brother (Curt) was born and then took a job driving truck for the money. He has given up a lot over the years to just put food on the table, shelter and give us a decent life. He gave up college and medical school because he was already married and had a child (Doug). He's no only a very  intelligent man that kind of got "ripped off" in life but he also has the morals and integrity of a saint. He's the type of guy that would drive back to a store if the cashier gave him ten cents extra. He doesn't do this for a pat on the shoulder or to be recognized, it's just his nature. Looking back at what his career could have been and what it was I am in "awe" that he isn't bitter and has never, once complained. He always enjoyed farming, his Dad was a farmer. I think he loved being outside with Gods creation, in fact I think in his heart he is a farmer at heart. I do know that driving truck was a sacrifice. The lonely nights and unbearable weather were just a couple of the drawbacks. He did this for us and when we were in our warm beds at night as kids his day fighting nature's elements and traffic were just starting. We didn't appreciate it as kids but as an adult, He is a man I admire very much. He is happy when his family is happy. Mom is the one that makes the family happy....that's her nature. The two of them will do anything for any one of us....just call and they are running.

Q6:funny,sad,happy memorable moments? A6: My whole childhood is one big memorable moment. My Dad was the one that would play "house" with me. He would get on the floor and help me arrange furniture in my doll house. One Christmas I received a kitchen set- washer, dryer, oven, etc. Well, he sat at my kitchen table in my room and I would  bake him these "god awful" cakes and get out the dishes and serve him a piece. He would be my "guest." I would sit in anticipation and he would always say "That is the best cake I have ever tasted!" Of course, I would just gleam and think he was the best "daddy" a girl could have. I loved being with him. I would help him do chores around the farm. While he fed the cows I was on his heels either singing to him or chatting. If he was fixing a car, I was there handing him tools. He use to say his only daughter would know more about mechanics than his sons....we would go from that to getting out beads to make a necklace for myself. I had my Daddy wrapped around my fingers. I love him always being there for me ....He was my protector.
I missed him very much when he took the job driving. My Mom always had a way of making life "magical" for a child. She did this with us and now with the grandchildren. She always decorated the house to the Max for holidays. She is a very creative and knows exactly what a child would dream about for the holidays. One Halloween she stayed up for nights making me a "goddess costume," it was the most beautiful glittery, dress I had ever seen. I know that was quite a task for her because she wasn't a seamstress, by any means. She always made our costumes and did it with such perfection and love. For Valentine's Day she brought a valentines box that she made into my 3rd grade class. All the kids eyes brightened when she arrived with it. It was gold and red with hearts and cherubs. I was so proud! One Christmas somehow, she got my dad to put footprints in the snow on the roof that led to the chimney.....she could always think up these idea's and then follow through with them. To this day, on Easter we drive up to the house and the eggs on the Japanese tree are perfectly placed and bunnies and baskets in the walkway. You walk into the house and the "sweet aroma" of Mom's kitchen greets you. You glance over to the dinner table and each person has their own special place setting with candies, crosses and bunnies....a Very special place to eat dinner. The grandchildren run over to the kitchen fireplace hearth and gasp at the sight of the largest Easter basket they have ever seen. The basket is carefully decorated with ribbons and flowers and Easter grass. It overflows with everyone's favorite Easter candies. In the meantime, Dad sneaks out to the wooded country yard and hides everyone's own personal egg for the traditional "Temple Easter egg hunt." Gram has a prize for young and old....then it's off to the Easter bunny piƱata hanging from an old tree. Everyone waits with excitement as the youngest to oldest take a turn hitting the bunny full of treats.....Our family holds dear to tradition. We have a lot of fun together.
Our yearly vacations were spent at Spofford Lake. We would traditionally go there in the summer to "our" cottage. We would bring games and pets and friends. It was time to swim, sail and bond together. At night we would sit around a table (all of us) and play games and cards together. Time moved slowly then.....the peacefully waves and Mom telling us ghost stories at night. She was the very best story teller! It was a time to rekindle.......a time of building our love for each other so when we were all adults we would know how to keep in touch with our own families.
My Mom had a way of making life an adventure....sledding parties, skating parties, Halloween parties, Christmas was fun and all parties included parents and children. My Mom and Dad's home has always been open to all and they are loved very much by us and everyone that knows them.
Unfortunately, this story is not without some sadness. My Mom has had heart surgery, strokes, etc., over the past few years. Dad has cancer. Considering it all, they are doing pretty well. They still try very hard to go to the grandchildren functions...parades, concerts, baseball, basketball games. Even with their limitations, they are always their willing to give a helping hand to anyone that needs it. As I dais they built there home in their later years. It is a beautiful home. It shouts out "warmth and love and always....welcome." They have been the best role models for us. My Dad is always there to give his "fatherly "advise or helping hand and Mom is always there to encourage. She is my "mother Teresa." Even now, as an adult when life gets rocky and tough, I find my car leading me to that familiar country road in Roxbury. When I turn into the driveway, my troubles seem to so small because inside I know love is waiting and Mom always has said "love can conquer all," their love for each other and family has proven that.
Q7; other comments? A7: As you read you can see my thoughts are not organized but I can only pray and hope that you can feel my love and gratitude I have for my parent's. Now that their 50th is coming up on June 28,2002  we are giving them a Big party and I would like to give them the right words to express my appreciation for them.

what style? ROMANTIC.....for my love for them

unique package

Thank you Allen for this wonderful service....God Bless you! Waiting with much anticipation.....I pray  this get there this time! Josephine
Love Can Conquer All
We grew up in a small town called Roxbury,
we spent most of our years on Judd's Bridge Farm,
a wonderful place to grow up in,
we were free to run and safe from harm.
And we had two absolutely wonderful parents,
we must have been blessed by the heavens above,
because we were surrounded by their kindness,
we were nurtured by their tender caring love.
Doug, Mike, Curt and their only daughter Kim,
let's not forget the foster children and the odd lost soul,
they've raised and helped them all along the way,
helped them find their feet and feel completely whole.
Mom always had a natural ability,
she made everyone welcome and feel at home,
they'd wander in and help themselves to her snacks and goodies,
once were strangers were free to roam.
Mom is a very nurturing and caring person,
she is known as the "Mother Of The World",
we've all known her love and care,
and the warmth of her lap in which we've curled.
Dad just goes along with whatever Mom wants,
that's what his life is all about,
loving his wife, his kids and grandchildren,
and gently guiding us and helping out.
They got married at an early age,
in fact, Mom at seventeen was a "child bride",
but their marriage has been a strong one,
and we couldn't have picked better parents - even if we'd tried.
Mom was born to be a wife and a mother,
the home always felt secure and was lots of fun,
they've both been our inspiration, our light,
in every ray they've been like our morning sun.
Dad has been the ultimate provider,
he's farmed, he's drove, he's made his sacrifice,
he's given up a lot over the years to put food on the table,
and I don't know a Dad who is even half as nice.
He gave up college and medical school,
as a father he was honor bound,
and he could have been just anything,
but he chose fatherhood (and to keep us all safe and sound).
He has the morals and integrity of a saint,
he'd never allow anybody to be left short,
and we're grateful for all his love and kindness,
and for all the lessons that he's taught.
Looking back at what his career could've been,
I'm breathless, I'm simply in awe,
because he chose the ultimate sacrifice,
he's proved what love and family are for.
He's always enjoyed his farming, his Dad did too,
I think in his soul he's a farmer at heart,
happy outside amongst God's creations,
he's one of them (and a mighty fine part).
And driving trucks was not his love,
unbearable weather and lonely nights on the road,
his debt is the one we can never repay,
but we're very grateful for the seeds that he's sowed.
We didn't appreciate the sacrifice as kids,
we were tucked up, all safely and warm,
while he was battling the traffic,
driving through rain and the occasional storm.
He is a man that I admire very much,
and Mom is his spirit, his wellness within,
and we have so many happy memories,
when on earth can we begin?
My childhood was one big memorable moment,
from playing "houses" to baking cakes,
Daddy would always eat them gladly,
which took determination and he certainly had what it takes.
I thought he was the best "Daddy" a girl could have,
I loved being with him, helping him do a chore,
we'd feed the cows or mend a car,
and we'd create memories that would last for evermore.
I loved him always being there for me,
he was my protector, my guide,
I missed him when he took that driving job,
I must admit that I even cried.
My Mom always had a way of making things "magical",
and in the holidays decorated the house to the Max,
she knew exactly what childhood dreams are made of,
and that is one of the nicest and truest facts.
One Halloween she stayed up for nights,
making me the most beautiful glittery dress,
and I know how much love went into that,
because, by no means, was she a natural seamstress.
I still remember the Valentine's box in 3rd grade,
I was the envy of all my chums,
it was gold and red with hearts and cherubs,
I was so very lucky that I had the best of Moms.
I remember one wonderful Christmas,
and I don't know how you did it to this very day,
but footprints on the roof made impressions on our hearts,
and now there's not that much left to say.
Easter is such a magical affair,
a very special place to eat dinner,
from the Easter basket to the Temple Easter Egg Hunt,
you both make sure that everybody's a winner.
Our yearly vacations at Spofford Lake,
a time to rekindle our love for each other,
we'd swim, sail and bond together,
we'd even get ghost stories from our story telling mother.
Now this tale is not without it's sadness,
because time always tolls its bell,
and Mom and Dad have battled their illnesses,
but all in all, they're doing remarkably well.
Even with their limitations,
they're always willing to lend a helping hand,
they've always had a shoulder to cry on,
and an ear that will always understand.
Mom is my Mother Theresa,
Dad is always there like a fatherly sage,
and their advice is always valued,
if it were a book we'd treasure every page.
Even now, when life gets rocky and tough,
my car leads me down that familiar country road,
and when I turn into your driveway I lose my burdens,
because you're always there to lighten up my load.
And you've always done it,
you kiss our knees whenever we fall,
and you two are simply living proof,
that truly, Love Can Conquer All.
So we'd really just like to say thanks,
that's really what these words are for,
here's to you Mom and Dad,
and here's to at least another fifty more.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002

Josephine kindly replied:

"Allen, I am speechless!  Wow!  It is  absolutely beautiful.......the tears are still running down my face!  You captured just what I was looking for.  I feel the Lord led me to your site and I will be forever grateful....

If you publish the poem, I guess I would prefer you to change my name, e-mail and any identifying details if you can. (have done, ed :)

For the background, I feel the wedding cake and flowers would be appropriate.
Yes, please sign and I would love the original!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, God Bless you!

Warm regards,