Little Man - Happy 5th Anniversary

Full Name:             Donna Anderson

Who do you want the poem written for?: 5th Anniversary

Why do you want the poem written ?: To show how special he is to me

Key Messages:          Love, Memories, fun LOVE

Memorable Moments:       We met at Curly's and went to a steak house for
dinner the next night and he asked me to marry him.  We met on March 12 and
the end of June he took me to Key West for 10 days so as to keep me. Our
trips to Boston.  We went on 2 and the first was a big fight, the 2nd was
good but we managed to enjoy The first one too. I took him to his first
College football Game.  The 'Ironbowl' in Alabama.  We have been to numerous
sports events,  Fenway Park in Boston,  Atlanta baseball,  Tampa Bay for
Green Bay and New Orleans Super Dome for Green Bay Packers.  He is a big
sports fan of The Green Bay Packers and The Boston Red Sox and He also likes
Bear Bryant when he coached Alabama football.  He is a wonderful example of
a Captain in the Pensacola Fire Department and has also been called up for
active duty for the Air Force as he was a reservists.  He is a
perfectionist.  He won an award of merit from the city fire department for
his response to Delta Flight 1288 in july of 1996.  He won a Share the
Knowledge Award with ARFF for his research paper he submitted titled "ARFF
Response to Aviation Terrorism" in August of 2001.  It was Printed in a
magazine.  He is fixing to make Chief Senior Master Sergeant in the Air
Force.  He is a wonderful man full of Life and always willing to help
someone improve himself.  He is a very thoughtful husband showering me with
things like baskets of fruit and flowers with balloons and stuffed animals.
We love to Ski together as we have gone on 4 or 5 trips.  Our favorite was
to Canada to Lake Louise.  It was so much fun.  We are very close and
connected as he has had many tragedies in his life sense we have been
together.  He has lost his sister, mother and grandmother and in that order.
He is very sentimental and caring.  We had a Great time last December
visiting my Aunt in Jacksonville so we could go to Football game between
Jacksonville and Green Bay Packers.  We went to the Tailgate Party and had a
blast and then the game and after stayed until 3:00 in the!
 getting autographs of 11 of the players.  He loved that.  I love him and
hope to be married to him for the rest of my life.  Just me and him,  His
name is John Michael Anderson, Captain in the Pensacola Fire Department,
Chief Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force and wonderful Husband to me.

Other Comments:        He has a secret pal called 'Little Man'

Style:                 happy and romantic

Package Type:          Deluxe

Last thoughts:         I would like to use this as my free one and I would
Like the Deluxe Package.  I will pay the difference.  Thanks again.  Donna


(Ed's note: Every order receives a Free Economy Package. This was Donna's second poem)

Little Man

 I know of a so-called little man,

because there's a great one he stands beside,

and every time I talk of his friend,

my heart fills and my chest swells with pride.


His friend's name is John Michael Anderson,

he's the Captain at Penascola Fire,

and his love has simply lifted me,

his love has lifted me higher and higher.


You see, he truly is a great man,

thoughtful, kind and we're connected at the soul,

without him I feel incomplete,

but with him, I somehow feel so very whole.


He's the last thing that I see at night,

and he's certainly my morning sun,

everybody has someone they're faithful to for life,

well, let me tell you, he's the one !


We have so much fun together,

whether it's skiing or watching a ball game,

it doesn't matter whether we win or lose,

the result is always the same.


Now, he's suffered immense tragedy,

but he still manages to hold his head up high,

and it's hard to describe all of his qualities,

but let's see - I'll give it one good try.


You see, he is a great leader,

and while others take a walk he takes the lead,

and after Delta Flight 1288 in '96,

he was recognized for one such deed.


He showers me with his gifts of love,

and its then I know that I've been truly blessed,

because of all the husbands in all the world,

I simply know that he's the best.


I love him with all of my heart,

and I'm just so proud to be his wife,

we'll battle our blazes together, forever,

because I'm a firey's woman for the rest of my life.


Because Captain, Chief Senior Master Sergeant,

is more than this girl dreamed her life could be,

and he's more than just a wonderful husband,

he's a just a great little man to me.  


Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2002


 Donna kindly replied:

"That’s wonderful.  I’ll take it.  You can publish my name and anything else.  I do not mind. Thanks again,  Donna"