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(Here's a good example of what can be achieved. I'm receiving more and more requests from soldiers who are currently overseas and away from their loved ones. Jerry was going to be celebrating his second anniversary away from his wife and wanted something special for Lisa. Jerry has kindly given his permission for their poem and story to be published)


Like A Movie - The leading lady is just beautiful


What is your name : jerry oliver eads

Who do you want the poem written for: Lisa Lynn Eads

Why do you want the poem written: for our 2 anniversary.

What are the key messages you would like to send: when I first saw her it was like someone slapped me I knew instantly I had to get to know her, I could not stand seeing her and not knowing her.
we have very seldom been together since our marriage, I am in Korea, and I miss her very much.
I miss her touch and kiss and beautiful eyes.
she is my strength to do what I do everyday, even when there are times I think she could have done better.
she is the strongest and most loving person I have ever met and she makes me a better person.
she is my best friend and the love I always dreamed of.
I feel secure knowing I will have her to come home to, she comforts me just by looking at her.
I am ultimately thankful for everything trivial thing about her.

Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: I proposed to her on the beach in florida during a setting sun on a beautiful evening, I remember it was like something out of a movie. The funniest and most embarrassing moment in our lives together was on one of our dates when we went to the park. I cant say anything else about that.
when I first asked her out I was extremely shy (like a little kid) but she was so beautiful I was compelled to try.
our wedding was like a dream, it was the happiest and the proudest I have ever been.

Do you have any other comments or thoughts: I wake every morning and I want to be with her. I can not sleep unless I talk with her and I would give anything to make her happy.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): romantic.


Like A Movie

The first time that I ever saw you,
it was like someone had slapped me in the face,
I knew instantly that I had to get to know you,
I knew that you’d make my world a better place.

And we’ve seldom been together since our marriage,
so there’s an empty space, there in my soul,
for I know that you make me complete
without you, I’m never really completely whole.

I miss your kiss, your beautiful eyes,
God, I miss you so very much,
I miss your smell, your sense of being,
and yes, I do miss your loving touch.

You are my reason to do what I do,
and every day you give me that fortitude and strength,
and there are times when I think you could’ve done better,
and maybe that needs explaining, maybe at length.

You see, you are the strongest, most loving person I know,
you make me a better person on the in and the out,
you’re my best friend, the love I’ve always dreamed of,
you’ve taught this boy what love is all about.

I feel secure just knowing I’ll have you to come home to,
there’s comfort just knowing who you are,
and I know that when night time comes,
we’ll both wish on our favourite star.

I love every trivial thing about you,
because the little bits make up the bigger part,
and now mere distance may separate us,
but we’re still joined together at the heart.

On that magical beach in Florida,
I proposed a new life as the sun set,
I remember it was like something out of a movie,
and I know the best scene hasn’t happened yet.

Because we have our entire future ahead of us,
and that’s a magical destiny to behold,
I’m so looking forward to those scenes,
and to our future stories, as yet unwritten and untold.

And there’ll be funny and embarrassing moments,
just like that time in the park,
and then they’ll be the romantic scenes,
where the lifelong lovers hold hands after dark.

I was so shy when I asked you out,
but our wedding was perfect, like a dream,
it was the happiest and proudest moment of my life,
and everyone could see that we truly were a team.

And now I wake every morning and think of you,
in truth, I want to be with you, safe from harms,
I would give anything to make you happy
I’d give anything to be cuddled in your arms.

And I know that you love the theater,
and one day you'll probably live the actor's life,
because you're such a thespian by heart,
and I'm not acting when I say you're a wonderful wife.

 But a soldier's life can be a lonely one,
and a soldier's wife, even more so,
just know that this soldier really loves you,
and probably that’s all you’ll ever need to know.

Because our movie is a long way from over,
the plot’s not developed, we’re not even half way through,
but it’s obvious the leading lady is just beautiful,
and there’s a soldier who’s stuck on you....

Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004

"Allen, man that is fantastic! I would be upset if you did not publish it and keep our names the same, I think she will be stunned to know someone wrote a poem about our story. If the poem is still in working progress, I have something that you may find useful, and also be able to touch her even more. I did not realize it until you gave me the title "like a movie", my wife loves theater!, she is a thespian by heart, I really do think that she day dreams of being involved with drama or wishes she had the life of an actor. (Added in second draft). anyway if you are finished do not worry about it but if not I think the subject would be very touching and personal.

Allen I am not worried about time, this is well worth what I have paid you.


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