Last Words - A sad poem about death and suicide and the last words spoken between a mother and her son.

(Deb has asked me not to share the details of the request).

Last Words
Why do some journeys start?
Why do some journeys have to end?
You weren't just my son,
you were my very good friend.
My last words to you,
were the same as yours back to me,
and I just can't help wondering,
if some things are meant to be.
I can't describe the pain,
the pain I feel deep inside,
I've tried to see your pain and anguish,
and gee, how I've tried.
Your Nana lived and breathed for you,
and you had a very special bond,
but she can't help feeling hurt,
she just can't help feeling wronged.
I remember the time when you swam too far out,
and you waved and yelled at those safe on the shore,
and maybe you'd been waving again,
but we too didn't see your plight (as before).
You didn't know the value of your life,
maybe you do now, now that you've gone,
out of you a warmth radiated,
out of you, your love brightly shone.
And now all we have left,
are your memories, the odd knick and knack,
and that heart sinking feeling that you get,
when you realize that there's no turning back.
And Regina has missed you,
I believe you always regretted the day that you left,
but clocks, they only go the one way,
and the only feeling is bereft.
You are now free of your pain,
but not so for those that you've left behind,
we're left with the agony of loving you,
and at times that logic is hard to find.
You had so many wonderful qualities,
in fact, too many to individually list,
you were such a good, kind, loving man,
and you really are very sorely missed.
You'll be running free with those greyhounds,
I can see you and Jack, hopefully hand in hand,
because your ashes are now on Wage's Creek beach,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust, sand to sand.
And the message I'd like to pass on,
(and that's what these lines have been for),
is that (right now), you should turn to the one that you love,
and tell them solemnly, that you'll love them for evermore.
Because sometimes there's no rhyme nor reason,
why things turn out the way that they do,
so I will just remember our last words to each other,
and they simply were: "I love you".
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2001

Hi Allen,

It's lovely, Allen....I'm very pleased.  Just a couple of minor adjustments....I'd like to include my mom (Nana to Keith) somehow as she lived and breathed for him.  Frankly, I worry about her now. Please feel free to use it in any manner you wish.  Identity need not be changed. I'd like the beach at sunset, please...Keith loved the ocean.
Yes, please sign it...and include your drafts...I'd love to see how your creative mind works!

Thank you for your help.


Hi Allen,

I've been wanting to drop you a note and let you know I received your
package.  You did a wonderful job, thanks so much.  (Oh, and I'm very
happy you recycle, the "box stuffing" was fine with great!!)

I apologize for not writing earlier, but I slipped in some water the day
after my son's services and am having surgery next sitting at
the computer isn't something done frequently.

What is your mailing address?  ...I'm afraid I threw away the envelope
from your package.  I'd like to send you a copy of the program from the
service as it contains the poem for Keith.

Again, thank you so much.  I've very pleased with the final revision.

Kindest regards,