This is for my In laws 50th wedding anniversary. Ken Wrighton and Sylvia Married 7 th May 1949 at Victoria Park WA.
3 daughters   Corrine ( My Better Half) 3 Grand Kids
Vicky  & Richard 2 Grand Kids
Leanne & Kevin 1     "        "

Ken worked at the Brewery for 10 plus years and they survived that, plus 3 weddings and a son in law who tore 3 mudguards off the future father in laws cars?. Both hard working with so many friends over the years.
Would both rather give you the shirt off their back than see some one go
 without. In the early days when I knew them Ken would bring home anyone who needed a feed and Sylvia would feed them.
Both love a good joke, and Sylvia can certainly remember them.
Ken plays the Eukalaly but not very well.
Retired to Rockingham 12 years ago and kept themselves busy ever since.

Thanks for your help.
 Peter G Smith  

Ken & Sylvia
Let's think back to the year,
the year of 'forty-nine,
in May a little celebration,
a little food, a little wine.
And weddings are the acorns,
so many get scattered and sown,
but few last fifty years,
seldom mighty oaks are grown.
Like trees a marriage needs sunshine,
and a lot of loving tender care,
needs two people to love and trust each other,
and create the memories to share.
But before I wax on,
and before the lyrics start to wane,
we might revisit some highlights,
let's take a walk down memory lane.
Ken worked at the brewery,
for over ten long years,
survived being in the "sweet shop",
and survived all the "Cheers" !
And Sylvia had three beautiful children,
and they make a wonderful sight,
and if I can speak for Corrine,
I'm glad there was nout on telly that night !
Future son-in-laws shouldn't drive cars,
I think that should be made a law,
three mudguards off the same car,
I believe that was the score !
They both love a good joke
and Sylvia can certainly tell a tale,
but have you heard Ken play ?
Have you ever heard a eukalaly wail ?
(But seriously, folks)
They will never see anyone go without,
and would give their shirt off their own back,
compassion and understanding,
are two attributes they'll never lack.
So sitting here before you,
you can see just what marriage is for:
It is all about love everlasting,
everlasting and for evermore !
Copyright Allen Jesson  :) 1999

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