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If you lead a team of people A Gift of Poetry can be a truly inspirational way of getting your message across (as motivation often comes from the heart).
Rhonda had a different idea, she wanted to say thank you to a rather special customer. However, the result ended up being quite inspirational (for others as well).

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(Rhonda has kindly given her permission for the poem

and story to be published)

The Visionary - Some people can see, others have vision
Full Name:             Rhonda Weaver                                               

Who do you want the poem written for?: Becca
Why do you want the poem written ?: I am a hairstylist and Becca is a client of mine who is graduating high school this year. Becca is blind and spent the majority of her school years going to a special school for the blind. But Becca wanted to be able to attend a real high school (i am not sure how many years of high school she has done but she is a graduating senior now) so her parents hired a special aid to be with Becca at school and because of this, and Becca's hardworking, determined attitude and her loving parents who have made Becca the center of their whole world, she was able to attend and graduate from a real reg. high school in June. I think that all of her hard work, and overcoming the obvious obstacles that she has, she needs to be told how very special she is. I want to express to her how inspirational she has been to me through a poem. Becca is the sweetest girl with a heart of gold. She is always happy, optimistic, and smiles all of the time.

Key Messages:          I guess the key messages I want to send I just wrote out above. I want a poem that will be so special that both the parents and she will keep it forever. I want the poem to touch not only her heart but also give the credits due to her parents and somehow mention who inspirational all 3 of them have been to me. I have watched her grow up over the years and totally adore her and her optimistic, accepting attitude. She loves everyone and especially enjoys working with young children. She is planning to work at a day care after graduation but that is not definite yet. She will be great doing that as children love her.

Other Comments:        If I like this poem I hope to find some way to have it both in Braille for Becca and also something for her parents to be able to frame and be proud of as it will talk about the type of warm loving person she is and what caring parents she has to have gotten her this far.

Style:                 I am not sure really. Maybe happy but serious too?          

Package Type:          Standard                                                    

Last thoughts:         This should have a graduation kind of theme to it.    

The Visionary
Unfortunately, there are many that cannot see,
through just life and circumstance, they happen to be blind,
but then there are others who are visionary
and they're a rare breed and so very hard to find.
Visionaries see past obstacles that others would otherwise see,
they don't let mere boulders get in their way,
they know that life is for the living
and they don't let trivia ruin their day.
And like little children splashing in a puddle,
which, after all, is little more than a dip filled with rain,
you show others how to make the most of their difficulties,
you show others how to live, how to start again.
Those without vision, look at a mountain
and see that it is far too high to climb,
but visionaries blink, go ahead and reach the summit,
never stopping to wonder if they've got the time.
Visionaries live to inspire others,
instinctively, they take the higher and wiser ground,
they have a built in sense of grit and determination,
although it's a kind of inner peace that they've found.
Because, Becca, you are indeed a visionary
and maybe this is something you've never been told,
not only are you a very special person,
you're the sweetest girl with a heart of gold.
You are always so happy and optimistic
and your face is set with a natural and permanent smile
and I wanted you to know that you've inspired me,
because even I feel down (just once in a while).
But then your courage and determination raise me up,
your happiness makes me soar to greater heights
and I'm so glad that you're sharing your vision,
because you're making others see remarkable sights.
And with that vision I dream of a world,
where people are inspired and care for one another,
I dream of what could be possible,
I see the potential in every man, child, girl and mother.
So I would just like to thank you,
for giving me your truly remarkable insight,
you've given me your vision, your inspiration, your knowledge,
you've even shared some of your almighty might.
And your parents have done a splendid job,
because they have helped you become who you are
and no matter what you do after you graduate,
I know you'll excel, in fact, you'll be a shining star.
Because stars send out their love and light to us,
no matter what distance may keep us apart,
they are there to inspire us, to give us vision
and yes, they are always, very much, within our heart.
Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2003
Rhonda kindly replied after the first draft:

"I have showed this poem to a lot of my clients to get their opinion and they ALL love it. Some of my clients are teachers and they pointed out 3 sentences that they suggested the spelling be changed. I hope it is not too late to make these 3 small changes. If it is not the 3 sentences are these:

1) Those (change to WITH, instead of without) vision, look at a mountain (Left as is after further explanation)

2) But then your courage and determination (change to RAISE, instead of raises) me up (Changed in 2nd draft)

3) they have a (change to BUILT IN, instead of in built) sense of grit and determination (Changed in 2nd draft)

Thank You once again.  :)"

Rhonda kindly replied after the second draft:

"Thanks Allen. The poem is perfect. By the way, I forgot to answer your question in my reply to your first post that yes, you have my permission to publish this poem and Becca's story if you wish. In fact, I would feel honored. Thanks again."

PS If you're looking for a hairdresser who obviously cares about her customers, please get in touch with Rhonda here:

Name: Rhonda Weaver
Email: runswithscissors1962@hotmail.com

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