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Dear Allen:
My son lost his best friend in June. His name is Jamie Dickson. He was 18 years old. He had just started his first job. He died two weeks to the day of his graduation. His company was cutting down trees at the school he graduated at when a tree came down and struck him in the head. My son is still having a hard time with it. My son (Steven) is only 13 years old, but they were still best friends. We live by them. Steven and Jamie did everything together, basketball, bowling, football, and building models was their favorite things to do. Jamie was born on April 3, so his birthday is coming up. Steven wants to put a special poem in the paper for Jamie on his B-day. Can you help me? I think this is my sons first step to accepting Jamie's death. It is really hard for him even after a year. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you so much for your time.


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 Jamie, I miss you,
a best friend, a soul mate,
still hard to understand,
the cruel twists and turns of fate.
You lived so close by,
we built together our past,
we were happy building models,
of a friendship that would last.
Now you've been gone,
coming up to just one year,
there is not a day goes by,
when I can't see you standing here.
But some things in life,
are rotten and just unfair,
because if they weren't,
you would be standing there.
We were just right together,
like all of the best teams,
a friendship built on trust,
hope, excitement and our dreams.
But life doesn't last forever,
sometimes its cut way too short,
try adding up the logic,
sometimes it'll come to naught.
But everything for a reason,
even though its not that clear,
but your spirit is with us,
you will always be near.
And so life must go on,
just like it has done before,
just know you'll always be with us,
yesterday, now and for evermore.
Copyright Allen Jesson 2002


Thank you so much for that beautiful poem. I would have responded sooner, but, I was at a loss for words. Yes, you can publish this and you don't have to change the names. Do you do this only once or can I have you write one for Jamie's memorial? The day we lost him? I have told many people already about your sight and will continue. You are a wonderful and very gifted person. Thank you so much!


You wrote a poem for my son about his friend Jamie. I first want
to start off by telling you that you brought tears to so many people.
Everyone that saw the poem in the paper were so touched. Jamie's parents wrote to my son and said "You sure are a true friend to Jamie in every way. We will cherish the poem and you will always have a special place in our hearts." They would also like me to thank you. His parents are having such a hard time with this and you made it a little easier on them.
Thank you so much for everything Mr. Jesson!
Thank you ! It is a beautiful poem. Thank you again.


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